Online Commercial Real Estate. What the Next Three Years Will Look Like

Is this going to be a prediction post?  A post that allows the writer to spew out a 10 item list of things to come, with of course no accountability.  That’s not the intent at all.  I think of this as somewhat of a roadmap of what I see today for Commercial Real Estate and what the online experience for Commercial Real Estate will evolve into 3 years from now.  Well, let’s go.

Commercial Real Estate and social relationships:

Right now we are just beginning to get online and connect with other people within our business.  We are starting to form online groups and communities. We are creating individual and brand profiles. Believe it or not we are also actually having discussions and interaction about Commercial Real Estate as a business in general.  Some may be more advanced than others.  At the very least, out of want or necessity we are connected more to the Commercial Real Estate world and its community than ever before.

We become more socially functional:

The Commercial Real Estate groups and communities become there own operating systems.  Embedded widgets and applications within the communities and profiles make the experience more useful and dare I say fun.  A huge untapped area for this is the inter-office or inter- brand applications.  Some users may sponsor, create or utilize these applications and face (god forbid) the actual consumer or client.  It’s possible to see these applications have a value that can be monetized.

The online Commercial Real Estate experience is completely social:

Every Commercial Real Estate website is now social, even if it chooses not to be. Within the industry more and more people look to online peers as possible influencers and look to others online for recommendations.  Clients also will look to their online peers for that recommendation and for the Commercial real estate brands that will help make that decision. The online Commercial Real Estate groups and communities will aggregate any and all data, creating a new kind of social Commercial Real Estate inbox that gives the word transparency a whole new relevance.

Content becomes personalized and accurate:

Clients will share their identity to gain a more personal and relevant experience.  The created online networks will provide the true and accurate data. The client will use this data to create a personal Commercial Real Estate experience. Commercial Real Estate brands will need to distribute this data to the online communities or become obsolete, or irrelevant. The online communities will become the new brands. The online client will create the new Commercial Real Estate market.

Where are you now?

OK, three years out, starting now.  Do you think this won’t happen?Do you think the industry won’t evolve?  Think of some online communities that are not related to Commercial Real Estate. (Amazon, Facebook,) Not really a concern to you and or Commercial Real Estate. Think again, maybe you won’t have a choice.

Photo: via Flickr

Duke Long