One Day, One Company, One Deal At A Time.

One Day, One Company, One Deal At A Time.

It’s how it has to and will be done.

We have the opportunity because….

“We All Now Live In The Commercial Real Estate As A Service World.”

The reality of today as you and I both know is that…..

“Some Will Win Some Will Lose. How To Make Sure You Are One Of The Winners.”

You understand where we are and are willing to help because many will ask….

“Is The Commercial Real Estate Future Too Obvious?”

How realistic is it to change the world and …….

“Can I Take You To The Real #CRE Promised Land?

At the risk of giving it all away?

In this day and age, we all have what we think is a certain level of transparency that we allow the world to see. It may be a FaceBook post of your amazingly beautiful grandchild. A Tweet about a deal or company you have worked with or even a quick Snap Chat with a client. The thing we all enjoy is some level of buffer between what we allow and what we won’t allow. You and I control it. That’s a good thing. We need that. Some of us may push that boundary. Some of us are a hell of a lot smarter than we get credit for. We know the risks and know just where the edge is…..most of the time.

I am getting ready to take a risk right here in black and white and open up to the entire world. I am going to show you what it is I do and how the world or at least my world of commercial real estate tech works.

How do I find those incredible #CRETech Startups?

Let’s start off with my secret weapon. Content. You see it online everywhere for the most part. Targeted at who? YOU, that’s who. Every little word is calculated and thought out. Don’t imagine I am winging it. And guess what I call it? ADVERTISING! How techy is that? Not so much but it’s just that. Good old advertising. How about my secret stealthy drone weapon? You probably guessed that one. It’s this site. Like a tactical drone you know it’s there. You may hear it you may even see it, BUT then out of nowhere, it hits you, BOOM! With Laser guided precision. 100% owned created and written by me. I decide what is here. Me only. No filter!

The Network.

With all of that Tweeting posting and interacting comes the overflowing INBOUND. The decks the emails the phone calls are never ending. My biggest weapon here? No not my “Rolodex” of just names and contacts but the people that I have access to. The doors that those connections can does and will continue to open. (One comes quickly to mind. A $$$$ funded company is now expanding to India all because of an email Intro.) (This is where I invoke The Godfather clause: sometime somewhere…) Did I mention China? I’m sure I did. One other thing (pay attention) my strongest network is within the existing legacy #CRE owners managers practitioners and #Tech companies. Think about that. It’s called distribution. It’s also a hell of a lot more than that!

SIDE RANT— Guaranteed to PISS OFF MANY at the EXPENSE of NONE.  Nick Romito CEO VTS. Funded $80mil + CEO of VTS. Yes, I know him. Yes, he texted pics of his beautiful family from the hospital after the birth of his child. We have had food at a table at the same time. We may have had a beverage of some sort together in or around a pool, hotel, event at some time in the past. We email occasionally. We, bro, hug when we see each other. We discuss the Zen that is surfing and send each other videos and use it for all kinds of metaphors. He has always graciously invited me to hang anytime almost anywhere. He is Nick. That’s who he is. He is not some fucking unicorn that can only be accessed via my ASS. Go after him yourself. I’m not his fucking assistant. I don’t set his schedule. He does. Yes, his platform is awesome, and he is funded out the ass. Where in the fuck were you when it was View The Space? How about Ryan? Ryan is the fucking man! Did I just not say Ryan is the fucking Man? Don’t know who Ryan is? That’s your fucking problem. I know several people who are “working ” with VTS. Give me a real reason to “Intro you ” to Nick or Ryan. Better yet do it yourself and then ask me to give you the network love. It happens all the time. (Like my boy Jack) Show me something more. Yea, I said my intros were my most valuable asset but for fuck’s sake do some shit for yourself.

(My boy Matt cold called the CEO of BlackStone and connected) Pure BadAss!


I am smack in the middle of generally the #CRETech universe. New York. Interesting now that I’m here guess what happens? I travel all over. I have made this statement more than a few times. “the more I am here, the more I need to be somewhere else.” Before that, I always needed to be in New York. There has to be something to that. Ok, yes I acknowledge that there is a GLOBAL #CRETech scene. London, China, Germany, Holland, India, and several other cities. Here is something to consider. I could and sometimes do have meetings almost every hour. I get pitched ALL THE TIME. Face to Face pitches. There is no better way. There is not an event, coffee meeting, after hours networking or the latest UBER driver who misses a chance to pitch me. #CRETech is growing and growing for a reason. It changes the world for the better. Global #CRETech is just part of the toolbox being used to make it happen. New York affords me that proximity. Anyone who is anybody eventually ends up here. That in itself says something. Did I mention China? Are they paying attention? Word is they are sure as hell pushing it on their own. Am I paying attention to China? Hell Yes!

The Process.

This could get extremely detailed, but I think I may keep it general for now. I need to work with companies that have the most potential for growth. If I don’t think they are solving BIG problems then what is the point. What is the short and long term potential? I also need to work with companies that are established. Yes, established startups. They have the best chance of making money, merging, and getting bought. Simple.

I meet with the founders and listen to the pitch. Is it a wow? Who is the potential competition? Where are they in the funding process? Pre-seed, Seed or beyond. What is their main issue at this time? Product development? Traction? Connections? Vision?

What do I look for first? The team. I say this all the time 70% is picking the right team. Who are they, what is their background? Did they come out of real estate? That is more important than you would think. Do the have an understanding of who their potential customer is?

I always ask this straightforward question. How are you doing with sales and what are your revenue numbers? That usually stops most of the conversations. If you don’t have customers and revenue then why are we sitting here? Yes, I know ideas need to get funded. That’s your job, not mine. Find people willing to buy your product and people that believe in you and invest in your company. Ironically that is usually your customers. Come to me with paying customers using your product and willing to help fund you and we will become quick friends. It’s just real world reality. I am not interested in your hobby. Without paying customers and revenue, that’s exactly what you are pitching me. Your Hobby!

I then look at the product. What BIG problem does it solve? 25% of the equation is the product and the problem it solves. The product can be worked on. Did I mention that the team behind it was important?

The other 5% of the equation is pure Magic! Don’t know what that is exactly but when it’s there….!

Beyond the Pitch.

Things get legal. They have to. We all have on our big boy pants. Deal with it. Get offended by law? I don’t. It’s what I and everyone involved must have in place. You want me to do what? Without legal protection? See if Musk will let you get away with that on Mars. Here on earth, it’s all upfront and on paper. He said she said, and they said my ass.

In general terms, I give what I call directional advice. It is your show. I trust you to run your show, or we would not have made it to this point in the first place. One other HUGE piece I bring is the “outside help.” You may not even know what that is, but you will know what it is and go “holy shit I need to call Duke.” Yea, I help with that.

One other thing. It’s your business, and it’s my business. I understand what the story needs to be, and that is a strong suit on my side BUT, you may be surprised at how much I stay out of sight. I can get as much exposure as I want. And you will find out quickly that I just don’t want. The story of your company is what attracts customers to you and your product. Not my F-Bomb dropping ass.

I want to and do lay low. I work with hard driving companies trying to change the world. The focus is on their success. I don’t care who knows…wait I don’t care if anyone knows who or what companies I am helping. I’m busting my ass for them. I am “invested” in their success. I want them to win. Whatever the cost. Fuck ego. Especially mine. This is long term. One three five ten years out. That’s how I will define what personal success’s that I will have achieved. The ultimate success of how many companies? Time and only time will be the judge of that.

I’m out here hitting the streets busting my ass………

One Day, One Company, One Deal At A Time.




+1  Do what we all do, vote for change with your wallet.

+1+1 I’m not talking about politics. I’m talking about the future of #CRE

+1+1+1 One Street, One Block, One Building, At A Time.

Duke Long

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