OMFG!! YOU MUST WATCH THIS! It’s #CRE #Marketing #Gold!


 Don’t wait, go ahead and click on the video. 

Ok, you have to admit that is hilarious if you are a certain age.

You may also have to admit that whatever your age we all in #CRE may have been there at some point.

Let’s give the props where props are due to Quarem for flat out having the balls (yes, it’s sexist to phrase it that way) to do this.

Think of where we are in this day and age?

What kind of guts does it take to target potential customers within commercial real estate in this way?

We all acknowledge the immense demographic force that is now and will continue to drive all things in the #CRE future.

Yes, I’m talking about the millennials.

Who will be and already is buying, occupying, leasing, managing, selling, etc.etc. commercial real estate?

And oh yes can I mention the want need and ability of this generation to understand and use technology for all of the above.

So why not take it to the edge and stand out. How tough is it to get attention and gain some traction?

It’s hard as hell. That’s all I talk to companies about every day. Well, that and data.

After a prompting from D. Conrad Madsen III, SIOR, Partner Paladin Partners, Dallas Texas.

I laid my eyeballs on the video and through the magical world of technology John Rice the founder of Quarem and I connected.

After a few emails and fancy words from me, I asked John the simple question, “Why?”

The real impetus for doing the video(s) was 1) to have a lot a fun on a topic RICH with material and 2) get the word out as a differentiator among CRE software companies that we truly lived, live and know the business. Rather than just promoting our experience in the CRE brokerage industry, I thought I’d prove it by telling some of the funny aspects of our industry through the eyes of a young, overly confident broker. I’m pretty sure I was insufferable to be around when I started. Thought I was the smartest, most talented broker to ever hit the scene. -John Rice Quarem

And then there was this.

The ironic and funny thing is that we have your name on our white board to mention you in one of our videos. We were thinking of having Trustin Banks sport some sunglasses and express his admiration of the legend. I attached a pic of the whiteboard we used for video topic brainstorms. -John Rice Quarem

Well, there you have it.

How do you stand out?

How do you differentiate?

How do you get customers to take a look at your product?

How do you target commercial real estate in 2017?

You sure as hell can do it the tried and true boring ass way almost everyone still does it today.

Or you can do what Quarem has done and flat out go and put in right in your face with humor, professionalism, tact, and all the guts in the world to back it up!

Other than being amazing and awesome at the same time click below to find out more about Quarem.


OMFG!! YOU MUST WATCH THIS! It’s #CRE #Marketing #Gold!

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