Oh Wait! So Now We Are Going Back To Basics?

Oh Wait! So Now We Are Going Back To Basics?

I have heard a little bit of rumbling lately. Maybe even a little backlash if you will.

It’s time to go back to basics. That’s the only real answer.

If that’s the answer then the question must be….

What do we have to do to not only compete but dominate our market.

All of this tech BS with the apps platforms and integrated whatever is just too much.

We need to do is what we do best and that is work on building and nurturing our core relationships. Period!

Sounds like a good solid basic plan that is a sure fire winner ….right?

Then why is it not working?

Part of the problem is this…a typical day for a broker.

It starts of with of course coffee yes and god forbid anyone go against the CREJavaClub. A little water cooler talk and boss ass kissing and then to the phones. Yes the all important never to be denied Sphere. Hot list A. Touch list B and C list of maybe in hell but we will give them a chance list. After an hour of that then of course more coffee.

Next we are off to a simple client meeting which means hooking up with your drinking buddy that works at a company you actually did a deal for two years ago. You guys do actually talk about (with coffee of course) the space so technically it was client touch meeting.

Then off to lunch. Power Lunch…with 3 guys from your office to basically bitch about the market the non existent pipeline and well your golf game and how when Tiger is playing good so are you. It’s like your games are tied together is some golf cosmic way.

Back to the office after lunch and you remember to jump on the computer and hit Twitter with a couple of world shattering quotes accept a couple of invitations on LinkedIn and post a pic of your dog on FaceBook. You are after all known as “THE” tech guy in the office.Oh yes and check a few scores, see what Tiger is doing and see what the bar and menu specials are this week.

It’s two o’clock and you need to do a sit in with the new guy who is working a nice 10,000 square deal. He seems to be on top of it and he has two other deals in the pipe. Of course you know his damn dad is feeding him the leads and is way hooked up at the country club. Wonder what will happen when daddy runs out of friends?

Three o’clock and time to check some email get rid of some spam and Wow, Tiger is six under after nine tied for fourth. A quick reminder call to you potential client to see if he had a chance to look at the pdf’s of the three properties he seemed the most interested in. Need to get a good angle on him to get him out of the office and on tour.

Call into the wife and verify that yes you are the one that needs to show up at the school booster club meeting and write a check for $75.Yet another year of freezing your ass off watching the daughter’s soccer games. Check the computer for any last emails and possible traffic hold ups. Say a quick  “Hey” to the boss and then you are off for the day.

This is not your typical day you say!

No one in your office has this kind of schedule?


The sad part is that I probably underestimated the time suck on the computer looking at completely useless bullshit by at least 50%.

Ladies and Gentlemen that is really the BASICS.

Let’s get back to those tried and true hardcore relationship builders we all know to be THE Answer.


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