Need Some Attention? Quit Staring And Read!

Need Some Attention? Stop Staring and Read!

Hey,let’s all be honest here you know that I know that you know that I know that you clicked on this post because of the headline and picture.

I have been hearing a lot about online burn out and fatigue. Maybe it’s the fantastically robust market that we are all experiencing. Too many deals and not enough time. No need to do anything online because it all about face to face and offline networking anyway.

Well maybe so but it is very interesting to me that the more I “create” online the more business opportunities I CREATE.

It never fails when I talk to,email,interact with someone they always ask “How much time does it take and how do you do what you do online?” “Is it really working and could you give me a couple of tips”?

There are thousands of sites and posts out that have been written about online activities and probably thousands of more to come. Ironically that’s part of the problem thousands and thousands of people doing the same thing over and over and accomplishing what? NOISE!  That’s what!

So how do you stand out from the crowd or do you even dare stand out at all. Well here is some of how I do it.

1. Dominate LinkedIn and the Groups.

Said it one hundred times and will say it one hundred more. Get on there at least twice a day. I check it first thing in the morning. I am the admin for some of the groups so I spend a little time filtering the crap (lenders and MLM) but I also take a few minutes to read the relevant articles. At the very I least hit the like button or make some quick comment. Almost every time that person will ask to connect and hey guess what they check out my profile and see what’s up.

By far LinkedIN is the major source of traffic to my blog and you say I don’t blog so who cares. If you are posting links to articles or commenting you are at least micro-blogging so it does help people find you and give them a reason to see what you and your company are all about. The ones who don’t are…the ones nobody pays attention to.

2. Influence the “Influencers.”

There are several ways  to” influence” The first and easiest is E-MAIL. Yes that old stand by. I get several a week from people saying hi hello how are you all the way to inquiries about stuff you would not believe. It still is a personal way to get in front of someones face.

Hit the comments section of personal company blogs websites and “Pages.” People spend a lot of time money and effort to get their brand out there and really appreciate feedback opinions and flat out gushing compliments.

Get on Twitter. Get on Twitter Get on Twitter. Go ahead and look at my profile. How many people follow me and how many do I follow. I have filtered thousands of people. If I follow you I am paying attention. How do I pick them out? Simple, they are real people in commercial real estate. Need some examples click here and here. Tweet interesting relevant content and I will pay attention. Be a douche bag and say goodbye.

3. Promote other people to promote yourself.

Sounds simple and it is. We all love a little love from our friends and colleges. How many lists have I created promoting people in commercial real estate? Love your customers stuff is sales 101 is it not. As I am writing this I get an email from someone asking for a recommendation for two brokers for a speaking gig. Who do you think I will pick?

4.Give it away.

Tell me what possible content information or secrets you feel the need to hold back. Obliviously there are some personal “things” that are nobody’s business. Most of you and your companies info is out there already. What are you really hiding? In today’s world hiding behind the logo and the “persona” only raises suspicion. Do I hide the fact that I have a wife two diva daughters and a boxer. Why should I they are still letting me sleep inside the house.:) How much is too much? You tell me!

5. Secret Sauce.

This may sound a little out there but here me out. The secret  sauce for getting attention and connecting online and off is….Opinion and Attitude.

Some of us have it in spades and some need to cultivate it. It is without a doubt the number one thing that helps me get connections inquries speaking presentation gigs deals and commercial real estate business.

How do you get it? Hell if I know but posting up a picture of some lady’s nice rack on a commercial real estate blog just comes naturally to some of us!


Photo Credit:

Duke Long


  • Duke:
    Love your comments, It got my attention. I am using LinkedIn and have join several commercial real estate groups. But, as you say commercial real estate is about face to face meeting. I use these social networking groups to see what others are saying about the business.

  • Good post as usual…….but what would one expect from a guy named Duke! Not to mention you have plenty of opinion and attitude…..and I enjoy every minute it. Keep speaking with sharp straight tongue my friend!

  • I’m really struggling with the give it away part. I have spend year creating an online persona and information pool. I receive requests fo floor plans, site plan and then current available units for sale. Then I hear crickets….. Seth Godin says Let them find it online. Scott Statten says Give it to them or they go elsewhere to find it.

    Is there a balance?
    David Pylyp
    Living in Toronto

    • When you give away floor plans and information on available units, don’t think of the information again. Follow up with the customer obviously, but other than that, forget it. 100 or a 1000 floor plans cost very little to share with a prospect or nosey neighbor, 3 minutes, maybe four, but what does it cost you if you are known as the guy who doesn’t give out requested information. The balance is in qualifying your prospects. You may share the information anyway, but qualify them, know if they are shopping for their second cousin’s third wife, or gathering information for a boss they want to impress by building the greatest database of availability ever or if they are really in the market. In my case, they all get the information but the level of lead and tenacity in follow up that I show is reflected in what type of lead they are.