My Top 5 Posts Of 2010 And 5 Of My Favorites

Well, I think it’s like a state law or something.  If you have a blog then you must do some kind of “here are my bestsest posts of the year” kind of thing.  So here are my top 5  posts with the most traffic of the year.  Remember that I only started in earnest around July or August. Obliviously people love the “lists” and they love to see who is on or not on the lists.  I am cool with that because it really is about people.  I have also created a top 5 list of posts that I hope you take the time to read.  For me it’s about context and learning.  If I am not trying to learn more about commercial real estate by writing and creating opinions…then what is the point?  Enjoy!

1.Top 39 Commercial Real Estate people you must connect with on LinkedIN

2.Top 50 Commercial Real Estate People You Must Follow on Twitter

3.The Top 10 Most Influential Online Commercial Real Estate People

4.Commercial Real Estate Must Kill the PDF!

5.Top 23 commercial real estate blogs.

1.Localism vs.The Big Bad Box

2.Do commercial real estate innovations actually exist?

3.Online Commercial Real Estate. What the Next Three Years Will Look Like

4.Tenant Leasing Information. Time to let go?

5.Commercial Real Estate Online Conversations?

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