My Top 5 Commercial Real Estate CRM Programs. #TheDuke5

My Top 5 Commercial Real Estate CRM Programs. #TheDuke5

It needed to be done. It had to be done.

Everyday. Everyday I get asked.

” Duke, I’m looking at a CRM product. Is there one that you would recommend?”

A few years ago I posted up  The Top 5 Commercial Real Estate CRM Programs as a reference at that time.

BUT, it’s time for an update. It’s time to create #TheDuke5.

This is MY Top 5 Commercial Real Estate CRM Programs.

Are there other programs out there for #CRE? Maybe, but they are not in #TheDuke5 League. Not even close.

I’ve seen just about everything #CRE #CRM that there is to see and in my opinion these 5 are the ones you need to look at.

NOW, right out of the box. Yes, I personally know most every one of the CEO’s, teams, product developers and sales/marketing/biz dev people behind each one of these products.

Am I going to endorse slurp shill blatantly pitch any particular one? NO! What would be the point.

YOU, yes you the commercial real estate CRM USER can should and will form your own opinion and use case.

And do you know why? You are smart as hell. Yes you are. You may ask a few questions, some of them may even be technical but YOU know what you need. You know what you need the product to do and you sure as hell know how to get value for money.

All I’m doing is helping you vet out the ones that are and are not worth looking at.

#TheDuke5 are THE legit hardcore commercial real estate CRM products.

#TheDuke5 (in alphabetical order)

1. APTO  Twitter LinkedIN Request a Demo

2. Ascendix Twitter LinkedIn

3. ClientLook Twitter LinkedIn  Free Trial

4. REA Real Estate Assistant. Twitter LinkedIn  Free Trial

5. REthink Twitter LinkedIn  Free Trial

There they are #TheDuke5

Go dig into the sites. Check them all out.

There are literally hundreds of people and millions of dollars chasing you your data base and your $$$$.

The CRM program you use is one of the most important decisions that you can make.

You know that!

They know that!

I hope this post helps you make an informed decision.

If you have any opinions points of view or comments they are always appreciated.

If you are one the CRM companies listed above and you try to “game” this post……… YOU Will INCUR THE WRATH OF…….#TheDuke with NO MERCY!

+1. Now quit reading and go do some deals.





Duke Long


  • Any CRM is only worth its weight if you are willing and able to “work” it. If you are smart and diligent then go for any of the above on the #theduke5 . The real question for CRE CRM users is; who owns the data on clients and prospects and what’s the deal if I and my team uses REApplications (CoStar Broker Apps), and my Broker adopts Apto? Is my Data, mine? Like Yogi once said “It’s like déjà vu all over again.”

  • CRM is based on workflow and everyone’s is different. Trying to adopt a CRM organizationally is a waste of time, effort and energy. You cannot force workflow and if you do…you will fail. Adoption for these platforms is always low. Then, like Ron said, you have the data issue. Not only whose data is it but where is it going and who has access. CRE companies should focus more on access to information for all and less on forcing workflows.

    • Couldn’t have said it better myself. And the reason brokerages are even looking at company CRMs is because they don’t think they can get the “internal” data they want – LEDs/billing renewals, pipeline activity and management reporting – any other way. They can. It’s a matter of prioritizing the data you need and working with the current workflow.

  • The real question is, what is Duke using?
    I’d like a simple contact, address, square footage, expiry date, notes and Lease attachment. Right now, a directory on my computer and excel does just fine to do this and its MY DATA!

    • Chris,
      Yes it is YOUR data but it came from…..? and you touched it so you take “ownership.” If you pass it on to say REApplications and they “touch” it does it not make it their data and not yours? Wait, that data originated where? But as long as everyone makes $$$ from it it is “their ” data to own…when they are making $$$ from it at that moment and then when someone else makes $$$ off of it it’s “______” data because they can make $$$ from it. Soooo bottom line>>>>>It’s mine when I make $$$ from it and leave it the hell alone and don’t you dare make $$$ from it just because I gave it to you. It’s mine because I decided it was mine especially when I can and will possibly be making $$$ from it in the future because I “touched” it. I got if from someone else but that’s not important. It’s not yours it’s mine.

    • Does this make anyone else cringe? Death to spreadsheets!
      I think we are all so attached to the normality of using spreadsheets but then you use a CRM and your whole life changes. You can actually *use* the data dynamically. Honestly, it’s life changing.

  • Been a while on this topic but I wonder if you have any thoughts on Salesforce CRM for commercial real estate? We’ve been working with several clients who use Salesforce but then integrate apps like REThink and Propertybase. Have you seen this trend of Salesforce + REThink?