My Personal Experience With Co-Working And Meeting Spaces In New York.

Yes, I say it all the time, I am out and about in New York. Meetings after meetings, lunches and dinners, coffee here and coffee there with conferences and events added in for “education.” So with that, I get to experience a variety of spaces to meet, greet, chat and generally network all things #CRE. Below is a list of some of the places and spaces that I have been to recently. If there are more that you are familiar with, fine, I’m just going off the top of my head so this is not an attempt at an extensive list.


One thing I must bring up before I go further is the way I have to get to all of these meetings. It’s brutal, yes, I know that’s what I signed up for when I moved to New York, but the time and effort needed just to get across or around this town, is legendary. The city has just decided to enact a congestion charge to help with that. I am of course skeptical because it will drive more people into the subways which are “pathetic” (Only #7) by world standards. Oh, and it will not go in effect until 2021...only eighteen years after London. #Make America Walk Again (MAWA). The number of people who tell me they just got out of a cab and walked to meet with me because it was faster? Almost all!

Let’s start off with the one company I’m sure we are all familiar with and then I will continue in no particular order.

WeWork. Space to Elevate Work. From Desks To Offices And Entire Headquarters, We Create Environments For Productivity, Innovation, and Connection. Starting off, WeWork is in 59 different buildings in New York. I have been in at least half of them. My first observation is that everyone I have been in is busy. It’s busting with people in and out and all around. The one near Grand Central is always packed. I’m not saying that is a bad thing. If you look at their site it shows well-lit expansive spaces and that is a fair representation until you get led into someone’s actual office inside. They are packed in and it’s all glass walls with tight quarters. They are maximizing space for sure but don’t think you just walk around grabbing free beer and chilling. WeWork, for the most part, has set the standard for coworking but in New York, space and location is at a premium and you are going to pay for it with tight quarters along with the ability to make all the friends you want. 

Bond Collective. Upgraded Office Space. Luxury Coworking and Private Suites. Bond does not have that many spaces but the ones they do have are tricked out. The design is way on the high end. You get room to stretch out and you get privacy. It’s a different vibe in the sense that is more about conversations and meetings along with headphones in and head down doing work.

Spaces  Office Space In The Heart Of Park Avenue. Dare I say it? Coworking for “experienced” members of the workforce or at least that’s what it seems like. It might be because of the location. Near many of the cities major companies in Midtown and along Park Avenue. Bright, open, well lit and a more professional corporate finish than many of the others. Busy but not in a busting dorm day room way. More focused. That’s it, focused.  

Industrious Love Coming To Work. Workplace Experiences That Help Teams Of All Sizes Transform Ideas Into Action, With The Flexibility To Scale On Their Own Terms. Reminds me a bit of Bond in the way the finishes are way up there. Definitely, a theme in all their spaces as I have been to a couple of their spaces outside of New York and they have the same attention to detail throughout all of them. Interesting mix of people, it’s kind of everybody but at the same time still has that entrepreneurial vibe that’s hard to fake.

Knotel  The Complete Office Solution. Tailored Spaces Designed In Your Brand, For How Your People Work Best, All On Flexible Terms. The first thing that comes to mind is location. I read somewhere they are taking the entire Flatiron building on to redo. That’s kind of a wow, as it’s about as prime as it gets for startups. For some reason, the Knotel spaces always seem easy to get to. I have been to several, evening/conference like events and they are quick and easy to find. The finishes are skewing younger and hipper than most. 

Breather Space Made Simple. Modern Workspace, All To Yourself – For Hours, Days Or Months. If you are not familiar Breather allows you to rent a room or space generally by the hour, at least that’s the way I have been exposed to them. You hit their app and it gives you a code to a room in a building. It gives you a time frame and then charges you for that specific use. The finishes are plain and clean, nothing fancy that I have seen so far. Utilitarian space to meet and conduct business. Nothing wrong with that. Just doing work.

Rise  Welcome To The Home Of FinTech. We Bring Together The World’s Top Innovators To Create The Future Of Financial Services. Created by Barclays and it is what it says it is. Fintech Central. The workspaces are mostly long tables stretched down the middle of the floor with glass conference rooms on the outside for meetings and privacy. They do have a dedicated floor that has a stage and event space along with an open kitchen. My take it that’s it’s been well thought out and the event space is just about perfect for those evenings meetups that are so popular in New York. Hey, #PropTech people are you paying attention? “You” can’t pull off something like this? Maybe quit flying all over the world getting hammered and your picture taken and do some work. (Wait, did I just describe myself…Nah!)

SAP Next-Gen Open Innovation Space In NYC. This is an interesting space in the new Hudson Yards. It’s way up in the air and part of SAP. It’s intimate yet open, nice bar/food area and with views that are to die for. They do have some of the most comfortable and uncomfortable chairs I have ever sat in. No in-between I guess. If there is a 50-75 person event going on here it’s just about perfect and then when it’s over you just hit the elevator and hang at Hudson Yards. Hard to beat that for location. 

Convene A Place To Work, Meet And Host Inspiring Events. When I think about Convene the first thing I think about is events. I have been to several at many different locations and if there is anyone even close to them, I have not seen it EVER, Case in point. At a big well attended #CRE event hosted by Convene they had the snacks and drinks area fully up and operational. It was grab what you want. It never seemed to be empty and the cans of Coke were all lined up the same, like with the letters facing the same way. Now, that’s something I like, that plays to my minor OCD, orderly military thing I have going. That works for me. That’s attention to detail. I do remember the person staffing the AV at the event, she could not have been more professional and accommodating, for everyone. This was not a single experience. It’s across the board every time. Every time!

Soho House Soho House New York Is A Hotel And Members’ Club In Manhattan’s Meatpacking District. Well, I know this place is known for being “the place.” The location along with the “celebrity” like atmosphere is the draw. Which is one of the reasons I HATE IT. Pretentious is one word. Beyond Pretentious is another. The space itself is nice and cozy enough but other than that. I don’t get it. Maybe I don’t “Star Fuck” enough to understand the vibe. Fair enough. The staff is friendly and professional, don’t get me wrong, not banging on them. Otherwise, selfie yourself to death. Do us all a favor!

Club75 A Members-only Work And Social Club For Global Business Leaders, Creatives And Entrepreneurs In The Heart Of Midtown. Now, this is my spot. This fits me in so many ways. The location is right in Midtown. It’s clean, open, high up, and well staffed. The decor is modern, yet still professional, with plugins everywhere. Yes, someone was thinking about the real world we all work in. There are open and private spaces always available. The bar is well, the bar and the food is outstanding if not fairly priced by New York standards. I get so much done here and the meetings are always productive. This might become, the “you want to meet up, well then come and see me at Club75 or don’t see me at all, spot!” See you there!

Proptech place Where PropTech Gets Done. My peoples at Metaprop have figured out another way to help build the tribe. Reaching out to all things and people property and tech to come to hang out in one spot in New York. I can only applaud them for this. It’s needed, it’s wanted and it’s brilliant. I encourage any and all to click on the site and make sure to swing by when possible. This thing can only grow into something wonderful. Hey, that Rise Place is way cool. Hmmm.

Now we get to the quick, grab a coffee and chat places I seem to gravitate towards, generally with people visiting the city who want to meet up.

Macchiatos Expresso Bar Not A Complete Revolution, Just The Way Things Ought To Be. Clean, modern quick, and right in the heart of Midtown. At any time I have been there it’s two people meeting and then there are people next to them, meeting. They have nailed it. Simple snack type food, all the drink (no alcohol) choices you want and friendly service. Meet drink snack talk business and then, head to your next meeting.

Joe & The Juice Its Life Balance. Becoming one of my favorites, mostly because they just opened one up close to my apartment on the Upper Eastside. It has that neighborhood vibe, not as many business people, as a matter of fact, it’s more mom’s, dad’s, and kids, again the neighborhood, but I get things done there and the staff is all cool with me. They love my name. Hard to argue with that. The Smoothies are so good.

Starbucks The Best Coffee And Expresso Drinks. Ah, the old stand by, “let’s meet at Starbucks,” but, not in New York. Small crowded and always too noisy. Yes, they are everywhere, but almost every time someone suggests a meeting there I try and push it somewhere else, if not as soon as we show up we end up finding another place to meet, always. It does have it’s moments, again because of convenience, I just happened to be writing most of this article sitting in one. But only because I’m out of New York, in the midwest, with some room and relative quiet.

La Pain Quotient. Simple Quality Food. How did this place get on this list? Good question. It seems that anytime I defer to the other person to pick a spot to meet up, they always pick one of these places. Maybe it’s the food, maybe it the atmosphere, maybe it’s just generic enough to appeal to just about everyone. Plus it’s all organic and stuff so maybe that’s a draw. Not a bad go to, always a solid choice.

So, these are but a few of the many spaces and places available to do business in New York, and these are My Personal Experiences With Co-Working And Meeting Spaces In New York. Let’s meet up soon!


+1. Super Secret Best #Power #CRE and #Tech meeting place? Blue Smoke Flatiron 116 East 27th Street, New York, NY 10016  Shhh don’t tell anyone and ruin it.

Duke Long

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