My NYC Real Estate Tech Week 2018 Summary. The Bright Lights. The Big City. And…

Well, well, well, and if you could hear my voice saying that it would sound like a gravely blues singer. Why, because it’s been a long week, to say the least, and screaming over music and noise just to talk will make your voice wear down and lower a few octaves no matter what.

So let’s get this started with the same thing I always say. This is MY experience and these are my observations about NYC Real Estate Tech Week 2018. MINE, not YOURS. You would think at this point it would be mute but in the world we live in today…not so much.

Kicking off the week was Technology and Collaboration in the Built Environment Presented by Propmodo hosted by Convene right in the middle of Times Square.

All in all the panels were informational and on point. The networking was Grade A.

The food was excellent and the free propmojito was well…..should I say propmojitos as in more than one was spectacular. Or so I was told.:)

I will make one observation and get hated no matter what. But I will say I was not the only one with this opinion. In other words, almost everyone HATED the political slant to the event. This is not the only #CRE event I have been to with the political content infused. It’s UNIVERSALLY HATED. So you may say, “then don’t show up.” Ok, next time I won’t or maybe I will just stand up and say WTF! I know of two people who left the event during the political stuff and did not come back. Hate me all you want but no one wants to be hammered with that shit! You can wave the blue or red flag all you want but there is a time and place for that. Otherwise, stick the flags……

A quick side note, Franco and his wife brought their baby to the event. She has to be the cutest human being on the planet. Vanessa the CEO of District was sitting next to me in the lounge area and almost fainted from the cuteness.

The event ended at three and I spent literally the next three hours answering emails, texts and having phone conversations. Glad I brought my mobile phone charger. (I’m a pro.)

I walked uptown to a private dinner hosted by Julia Arlt and PWC. Now I know there was some big Blackstone sponsored Kick Off party. I can’t go to everything. I try but sometimes it’s a pick and or choose thing. I read somewhere that these type of dinners although around forever are gaining popularity because they provide a business setting that encourages interaction and connection that’s not always available at the bigger broader events. I could not agree more. The conversations and connections I had a made were just that. Hmmm, now there is an original idea.

The next day was what some considered to be the main event. MIPIM PropTech NYC in partnership with MetaProp NYC

And if you made it this far I’m just getting started. There was so much more to this day.

The networking…

The networking…

And then there was the networking…

There were so many things to take away but the main one for me was all the familiar faces I get to see again and then there were all the new faces I saw. It’s amazing how this #TECH thing continues to grow and grow and grow. BUILD THE TRIBE!

I ended up going to dinner somewhere Italian with my boy Keith and a few others. Oh,  and how I made it home…on the Q, or was it in an Uber Black, well that’s another story all by itself.

On to Wednesday and #ASDSummit – Opportunity Zones SAP Next-Gen – 10 Hudson Yards Produced by AnySizeDeals.

The Opportunity Zone thing is about as hot as it gets,

All I did here was shut up and listen, generally. There was this amazing patio chair I found and almost took home with me. And then, there was some intern type dude asking a couple of generic questions that he thought was techy as shit. I laid a bit of knowledge on him and told him to look up my site for reference. After the event, he chased me to the elevator trying to get a meeting to “pick my brain.” Uh, my brain is not…

I do everything I can to support my man Steve. If you get a chance check out his upcoming event schedule for next year and try to make at least one. He is one of the great professionals in this business. We need as many people like Steve in #CRE as we can get!

And after a well-deserved break to meet up with a few people (and hot chocolate myself to death) it was on to…

NYC Real Estate Technology Startups (NYCRETS) Meetup Real Time Real Estate Rise NYC – 43 West 23rd Street

Still hanging in there?

This the quarterly NYC RE meetup put on by Maria from Zillow and Patrick from Prodeal360 and I just love the vibe. It’s pizza, beer, and great simple focused content. I always meet interesting and diverse people each time I attend. This one was ramped up a bit because of the global audience and of course, there was an after party that…

I was asked if I closed down the bar at the after party event. My response “I think that’s a very personal question to be asking, why do you need to know?” I was a bit groggy and grumpy that early in the morning…#justsayin. A bit(Hungover?)testy you might even say. How bright was the sun again? My eyes!

And then on to…

Nordic PropTech Showcases 605 3rd Avenue Produced by Consulate General of Finland

Whoever is NOT paying any attention to this area of the planet for tech is way missing some great companies. I have a trip planned in a few weeks just because. They say it’s cold in Helsinki. Yea, so I will wear a coat. I’m from the midwest I think I can hang (and drink Vodka for medicinal purposes) just fine.

And then the big final event of the week for me.

PropTech Challenge Demo Day Hosted by Rudin Management in Partnership with REBNY

I stood up and said it in front of the entire crowd that this is 100% The Sandy Jacolow brainchild and he deserves all the credit for making this happen. He was, of course, humble and giving all the parties involved accolades and I could not agree more and yes, there were many BUT THANK YOU SANDY. I also said this. “The business plan he created for this entire thing months and months ago was a work of art.” That my friends is a gift. Throw in a bit of passion, drive and you get something special. Big shout out to all the people involved from REBNY. That’s how to show the world New York knows how to do it!

So you made it this far.

Most of what you see is only a small sample of what goes on in NYC during this entire week.

Think of the conversations, the coffee chats, the texts, the face to face meetings, the relationships formed and yes the deals that happen all because of this thing we call…

NYC Real Estate Tech Week 2018.

The Bright Lights. The Big City. And…

See you Next Year!!



+1  Not one F-bomb in the entire article? I used enough this week to hold me over for a while…oh and I’m wearing velcro beige orthopedic grandpa shoes next year. This shit is starting to tear me up.

+1+1 Want to find out all the inside scoop of what really happens? Show UP!



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