My Mom is on Facebook. Which is AWESOME for me!

My Mom is on Facebook. Which is AWESOME for me!

It has been well documented that I think Facebook is a complete waste of human time and especially for commercial real estate.

So why is it so awesome that my mom is on Facebook. Simple she will like post link and pimp anything and everything that happens to her family.

Case in point The Loopnet Cash Ride Video Contest on Facebook.

Back story. I attended the ICSC RECon12 Conference in Las Vegas a week or two back and all of the sudden there is an email popping up on my phone from Kelly Steitz of Loopnet.

It says “hey we are doing a Limo Cash Ride Contest and we want you in it.” I was like “what?” She then told me to seek out the two wonderful ladies helping organize the contest. Well it just so happens I was pretty busy and kind of put it on the back burner.

Fade in to the next day and I am prepping to leave the conference that afternoon and who do you think I run into? You guessed it The Ladies of Loopnet! They asked if I needed a ride and I”m like” I need one to the airport in a couple of hours if that is possible.”

They said text or call us and we will try and make sure you get the limo. I was like “SWEEEET!”

A phone call later and poof there I am at the limo pick up area running in 108 degree heat to catch the dam thing.

Well here is what happened next.

What a blast and $150 big ones to hit the airport(there is always a little buffer time) bar with.I think I may have said “Sweeeeet!”

So you are like that’s cool so what in the hell does this have to do with Facebook and your mom again?

Loopnet posted the top brokers in a Video Contest on Facebook. Enter The Moms.

My wife posted a little link to the contest in her profile and my mom was all over it. The next thing you know my brother commented my sister got on it and then my sister in law voted. Hell my little nephew may have voted for all I know.

What was a little more interesting was the Twitter feedback emails and Facebook love I got from the commercial real estate community. Because of my family and wonderful peers I actually won the contest against what was obliviously “stellar” competition. By the way I do not have a Facebook profile.

So what’s the point off all of this?

Loopnet knows how to have fun and attract attention to their brand and feature their products and people Period. I love those guys.

My Moms still pays attention to her baby boy and will blatantly promote the piss out of any minuscule thing that I do.

The commercial real estate community also pays attention to Facebook. Hmmmmm!

I will at no shame at all also blatantly promote myself with no thought whatsoever. Must be in the genes.

Maybe I need to take another look at Facebook??? NAH!….. you know what?

My Mom is on Facebook. Which is AWESOME for me !




Duke Long