Motionloft. Real World Traffic Analytics For Commercial Real Estate.

Motionloft. Real World Traffic Analytics For Commercial Real Estate.

If you are a Property Owner.

If you are a Broker.

If you are a Retailer.

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Motionloft is a start up out of (were else) San Francisco backed by some guy named Mark Cuban.

Motionloft is a combination of hardware and software that in simple terms uses on location sensors to analyze real time traffic data.

“Why” do you ask “is this so earth shaking?” It’s REAL TIME LOCATION DATA. Read that again.

Real Time: How many times do I have to say it?

Location: It is specific to a location or building.

Data: Pedestrian and Vehicle.


You own/rep/have a retail location in New York and are trying to drive traffic to, find out why sales are lagging, want to know what the best hours for that location are, attract tenants to or just plain want to know how your building stacks up to your competitors

How do you find out today right this second? Tell me were that data is? How old is it? Who’s data is it?

Go ahead and base your multi- million dollar decision on ……….????…….that data.

Not any more. Own it use it analyze it in ……REAL TIME!

Back Story.

As I am known for my magnetic commercial real estate tech personality. 🙂 I get the DM email invitation bump from Motionloft.

Next is the phone call from Jon the CEO. I will have to admit he had me at Verticles. I got goosebumps.I am so easy.

I won’t bore you with the entire ADD fueled conversation but a few highlights are…

Jon sent 4 emails to Mark Cuban and BOOM a check is in the mail. That’s Balls!

They are already expanding into other Markets.Yes, New York Chicago Miami etc.

Here are two links to videos from actual users. A Broker and A Retailer.

They are looking for a large Retailer, Brokerage or Owner to set up multiple locations. They need to get some more data!

Email: Jon hinted that he may be open to a “special”deal.


Commercial Real Estate is…Data + Location.

Motionloft is….. Location + Real Time Data.

Motionloft is….. commercial real estate NEXT!





Duke Long