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Motionloft. Pedestrian and Vehicle Counts For Your Properties.

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Motionloft. Pedestrian and Vehicle Counts For Your Properties.

 Motionloft continues to manufacture their own hardware and software and have recently released the latest generation of their sensor hardware and dashboard. The latest version of their sensor is fully weatherized, compact and significantly expands their capabilities to gather data for all aspects of commercial real estate.
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They continue to provide data for pedestrian, vehicle, and bike data for urban street retail, and the new form factor allows them to install on the interior as well as on the exterior of the building removing the need for tenant/landlord interaction.
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They are now able to satisfy shopping center clients, with both pedestrian and vehicle data, BID and Municipal clients, and a number of different emerging verticals. They have expanded their sales force and installation capabilities internationally with Canada and Mexico in 2015 and are capable of installing in over 200 countries.
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Updates and additions to the dashboard include:

  • Comparing up to 10 locations to each other.
  • Comparing a location to itself from a previous timeframe such as month over month or year over year comparisons.
  • A property specific navigation and visualization tool that overlays your data on top of your site plan.
  • The ability to toggle direction of travel on all visualizations and reports such as total ins vs. total outs or eastbound vs. westbound traffic.

Motionloft Dashboard 2015

Motionloft. Pedestrian and Vehicle Counts For Your Properties.

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