The BEST commercial real estate site and blog? This is a must see site if you have any involvement at all in commercial real estate brokerage.  Patrick has laid down the gauntlet for any and all brokers out there,and here are the reasons why!

1. Search: When the page comes up the first thing you see is SEARCH.  That is the only reason that any client really wants to come to your site.  They want to see what’s on the market.  PERIOD.  Give it to them.  If you want to hide that info or make them call you and beg for it…. do us all a favor, get out of the business.

2. Educate: Look at the sidebar on the left.  How many possible items do you think a client would click on?  My answer..all of them.  That is great info.  If you are let’s say a tech company looking for a hot space and you look at that list you know this person or company has a great feel for the market.  Why, because they tell you what is important for you the client.  They tell you what to look for and they tell you how to do it.

3. The Blog:  Go steal every headline and every idea.  There are 39 pages of great content.  Think there is nothing to blog about in your market? You are lazy and have no vision whatsoever.  Just look at all that stuff.  Can the same things apply to your market?  Maybe not all but I bet most of it can relate to your business.

4. Layout:  Clean, simple, professional.  Does it cost a lot of money?  Probably not as much as you think.  Does it take some time?  Yes, but it’s your job to market to and  for your clients is it not?  Do you still think that”s for the assistant chick in your office to do?  Shame on you!

Look, search, browse and compare.  What does your online presence say to your clients?  Here is a benchmark, here is the bar.  Take up a little challenge and put you and your company face forward.  Take Patrick’s lead  and show them you have all the goods and then some.

Duke Long

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