Mobile Commercial Real Estate. How Far Behind Are We?

Mobile Commercial Real Estate. How Far Behind Are We?

Too Far.

I wrote a simple article about UX and Commercial Real Estate back in 2012 titled (UX) User Experience. What Is It? Why It’s Obvious You Don’t Care.

To sum it up.

We don’t even care.

We don’t think the consumer/client even pays any attention.

So we don’t even try. FACT!

The rest of the entire world.

Believe it or not has progressed on without paying any attention to commercial real estate.

Let me explain with………Tinder.


If you are a parent this is……..scary.

If you are of a certain age you are saying….HEY NOW!

Wait a minute. Don’t think I am going to suggest we start matching properties with tenants by having hot pics and profiles then hooking up for…………!

Hey, that’s not a bad idea or maybe it is or it’s not or it is.

But that’s not where I am going with this.

Focus people.

It’s the way that Tinder actually works on a mobile device.

The actual user experience.

Tinder knows where your location is.

It has your profile information and what you are looking for.

It puts those two things together and suggests “Matches.”



Ok, Ok Yes, I know we have a criteria built into most searches for commercial real estate.

X amount of square feet with X price in X location.


Tinder already uses a simple data set and they let it be used it in real-time.


They also allow the user INTERACTION.

Don’t like a match? One thumb swipe left and it’s gone.

A possible match?

Hmmmm interesting features. Nice structure. Great lines. Look at those pipes!

One thumb swipe right and let the conversation begin.

Who knows where it may end up?

A little bit deeper?

What this really is:

They let the user see only one option at a time and make a decision.

Seeing all of the options at once is distracting and confusing.

The user will make a decision on one at a time anyway.

They let them make a judgement faster and based on the matching information.

We all do it everyday.

It’s in a mobile environment.

They can do it with one hand. (I know the metaphors are dripping.)

All the way in?

What if you have enough data on the user so that it allows you to ANTICIPATE what the user may want before they even know it.

Prefer brunettes redheads or blondes? ( I’m asking you ladies?)

How much easier would it be to……………. Hookup and make a deal?


Mobile Commercial Real Estate. How Far Behind Are We?





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