Mark Gilbreath CEO Liquidspace.

Mark Gilbreath CEO Liquidspace.

Mark Gilbreath

Co-founder & CEO

Mark Gilbreath is the Founder and CEO of LiquidSpace, a marketplace for shared workspace and meeting space where people can choose a better space to work by the hour or day – online or from a mobile phone.

PHONE (208) 720-8107
SKYPE mfgilbreath
SOCIAL Twitter

Don’t worry Mark posts his info up on the Liquidspace team about page. It’s called transparency people. He wants to connect.

Take a quick look at the company structure and their funding. They have some major hitters on board. I always check.

About a year ago I did a quick post about Liquidpsace and their new mobile app. I have been paying attention to the companies progress and out of the blue Mark sends an email and wants to connect and chat.

The Conversation.

The conversation started with the simple intro of Mark and what his background was and why he thought Liquidspace was an idea worth pursuing.

The obvious part was the now mainstream mobile workforce and the vacant space available everywhere. So why not fit the two together.Simple you have some spare space and you post it up or you need a place to work for a couple of days so a quick search and bingo instant work space at a location you choose with all the amenities you want and within you budget. NICE!

Did I mention this transaction happens directly with the owner of the space and the potential user? (Read: No Broker.)

Then the conversation got a little deeper.

Think of all the corporate campuses out there with under utilized space every day. Think of your own office. How much dark time is there ? What if Liqudspace became the “Manager” of the dead space and maximized it just for you? I think that’s called maximizing your assets. Hey this is commercial real estate. We are suppose to do this for our clients too are we not?

Think of all of the spaces that are possibly in play. Hotels, Government Buildings ,Retail,Industrial,Office. Wait what is not in play?

Why does Liquidspace make me think of Is that a fair comparison?

Maybe it’s a little too early to compare but in my opinion for a company that launched in 2011 they are off to a great start.

I sense the disruption. I see the power shifting to the users and owners. It’s always been there.

Now they are just a touch pad away from each other and more importantly Liquidspace provides the platform they both can use to create a quick and easy transaction.

Duke Long