Loopnet Raises It’s Prices and All You Can Do Is Bitch.

Yes, Just Bitch.

Everyone and I mean everyone saw this coming.

I called this 3 days after the ” world-rocking” merger.

I quote myself. ” All brokers are going to give their data away for free to one company, and they are going to sell it back to us at what price? My guess is just about any price that they want.” 1:00-1:10 on the video.

So why complain?

Get your checkbooks out and pay up!

You have no other choice.

There is only one platform to market commercial real estate in the entire world.

Better yet there is only one way to market property online. SO PAY UP and…..

Yes, Just Bitch.

Wait let’s really show them we mean business.

Let’s start a petition. Yes, a petition I said.

Click here.!

WOW, while I applaud anyone with a point of view and a voice to rally.

What in the FUCK is a petition going to do?

I said  “What in the FUCK!

Are you going to send it to your senator and get a law passed?

Law 1034-53a. No vendor shall charge me whatever the hell they want.

Apple does. Microsoft does. GM does. Titleist does. (ProVs cost $$$)

Come on there has to be some kind of law right?

Antitrust commercial real estate save my sorry ass law.

I mean it’s a law…right?

But But But But.

If I don’t put my property on the only site in the entire world that markets commercial real estate property the owner won’t see it….online…on the interwebs and they won’t think I am doing my job. You know marketing property on the online interwebs….so they can see it…being marketed….online….on the interwebs.

A simple scenario.

I own a phone a Samsung Galaxy S out the ass phone. I’ve had it for 2-3 years and I use probably 10% of what it can really do. I noticed that Apple just launched it’s new  iPhone 6. People slept outside in line for days for the chance to get one. A friend of mine paid his son to be one of those idiots and got the amazing magical iPhone 6 the day it came out. I saw him a couple of days later and he showed it to me like a proud papa. I took a look at it and then held my phone up next to it. It was basically the same size. I asked him what special features it had that made him pay his son to sleep in line to get it. He mentioned that it made actual phone calls, let him check football scores and the Golf Channel. I said that mine did the same thing. He said that his was white and that made it cool. I said that mine was black and didn’t care what color it was.

I will probably never own an IPhone 6.

When I wake up in the morning do I care what Apple does?

Do I care what they think?

Do I notice that the world is still rotating even though I do not own a iPhone 6?

Will they get any of my money for any product they make ever?

Hell YES! The MacBook is a gift from GOD!

Does Apple care if I am their customer?

Probably. Maybe?

What if Apple stopped existing tomorrow?

What choices would I have?

Let me see:

1. Forget they even existed.

2. Use another product.

3. Find a company that wants my business.

4. Get value for money.

5. Have balls and….have balls!

6. Embrace the alternative.

7. Get my head out of my ass.

8. It’s 2014/2015/2020

9. Give myself credit embracing what next.

10. Look at the picture above and realise that it’s a metaphor for a business relationship that only works for one side and that’s not how I do business.

What makes Loopnet different?

Is their service and product so valuable that your business will collapse without it?

Is their relationship with you as a customer so bonded and loyal that you can’t imagine any alternative?

Do you think that your value proposition hinges on a platform that only you ( not your customers or clients) place a value on?

Only you can answer those questions.

In the meantime……..

Loopnet Raises It’s Prices and All You Can Do Is Bitch.


Comments thoughts opinions and points of view are always appreciated.


photo credit: <a href=”https://www.flickr.com/photos/purplemattfish/3471705459/”>purplemattfish</a> via <a href=”http://photopin.com”>photopin</a> <a href=”http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-nd/2.0/”>cc</a>