Loopnet Pro Tools.

New Updates.

-Instantly create all of the below without LoopNet’s branding!
-No logo or mention of LoopNet anywhere – not even in any URL’s.
-You don’t need to wait for a graphic designer anymore.

Email Campaigns
-It pulls all your listing info into a template so reduces data entry.
-Get rid of whatever service you are using because you can manage contacts, track clicks, manage unsubscribed, etc.

Property Websites
-New templates: pick colors, add/edit photos, etc.
-New registration options: electronic CA’s.

-New templates like Offering Memorandum, Postcards and more.

Private Listings
-Add listings that do NOT show on LoopNet’s marketplace.
-You’ll still get access to use protected websites, send emails, create flyers, etc.
-When you’re ready to expose them to everyone you can flip the switch.

Duke Long

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