Welcome to my live blog for ICSC RECon2012. I hope to meet greet learn connect and give a little slice into what is “THE”” commercial real estate conference.

I will be spending a fair amount of time at the Technology & Social Media Pavilion. See the pic left. Please stop by and say  HI!

If you want to check out some the sessions  click on this link.

Very nice to meet Frank Fenn from Carlingwood Shopping Center.

The first session from Cohn Marketing: Using Facebook to build a community is standing room only. Nice!

Of course @commsource Jean Maday  stop by and her peeps say HI!

Next session:Blogging for business. Maybe I should attend.:)

Great session from Cohn Marketing.

Need to walk the floor and press the flesh.

Great to meet the people from Deprez Travel.

Shout out to my REI Wise peeps.

Well well well ran into my new buddies at Xceligent…It’s going to get very interesting.

Twitter session on now and Tweet Up is next.

Great sessions today and very well attended Cohn is doing a great job.

Back hurts feet hurt voice is gone…maybe time for dinner….

Duck breast and noodles….OMG!

Off to Mandalay Bay for a Sperry Van Ness “networking” event with an invite form the Chicago office.


I expect this to be a full on day. The attendence and registration figures are up and the “buzz” from the networking events is positive. I have talked to a lot of people who have very full and tight schedules. Good to hear.

Hang in there with me and I will try to update as much as possible.

Nice quick conversation with Sam Page from Trade Area Systems.

And a good morning hello to Stephanie at Risk Management.

Setting up cameras for interviews and sessions.

Getting ready to do my presentation. Get Social Get Found Get Local Get Deals Done.

Well how time flies…lots of conversations with great people and companies.

Quick shout out to Kimco and there “blog” people.

Who shows up but Travis and JoKay from Wal-Mart. Wonderful presentation from Travis and I just had to get JoKay on video.

Hitting the floor again and it is sooooo  soooooo busy almost could not get past the CBRE booth.

Hey Y’all just met up with @retailjeff.

Watching video interview with Diane with Linear Retail

Winding down in the Market Place Mall.

Headed out to The Cosmopolitan for dinner and “networking.”

Quick video report from the RECon12 show floor by @SCTNews.

Here we are at day 3 already.

Trying to walk the floor and actually see some of the properties that are being offered.

It’s nice to see so many people in early and meeting up. I notice a particular push from the economic development people which is encouraging and somehow fantastic to see.

A quick little side note.The scale of the event is hard to imagine and the amount of parties>>>”networking” events are enormous and the hangover remedies are interesting to say the least. Well or so I have been told. 🙂

Quick meeting and presentation from and WOW very compelling stuff.

Nice conversation with @clamstorm. What a nice dude!

Well lots of conversations and it is always hard for me to Live Blog at events because I TALK SO MUCH.

So it’s off to the airport with a nice gesture and a courtesy limo from my friends at Loopnet. Thanks Ladies !

I will do a quick summary and post it up very soon. Viva Las Vegas Baby!



Duke Long

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