LIVE!!!! at International Council of Shopping Centers RECon14

LIVE International Council of Shopping Centers RECon14

Welcome to ICSC RECon14 LIVE.

It’s going to be one of the best ICSC events ever. There is a lot of buzz coming from all of the attendees that I have talked to already.

Keep coming back to check for updates. My plan is to attend as many relevant sessions as I can and give you an insiders look at retail commercial real estate in 2014.

A special shout out to Elana Kasner and Jesse Tron who handle the Media and Communications for ICSC. They are amazing.








Attending the ICSC Volunter appreciation brunch. Mimosas eggs and pastries are oh so good.








Great recognition for three outstanding people.








Nice meeting new people like Roz Peterson from Cerron Properties.








Standing in the taxi line and ran into David Lobaugh from August Partners. I need to make it to his session on Omni Channels.








The Future of commercial real estate NOW. Oculus Rift and  demo. That’s me ! Shout out to David Eisneberg.

oculus rift












Want to do a deal? Get in front of somebody’s face and make a pitch. #RECon14








Now this is Happiness.








Now off to the Biz Stone Keynote.

If you are a nerd or at least must admit to at least being nerdy this was a must attend.

Quick thoughts:

“We are just at the beginning of the mobile experience.” Think about it.

It’s 2014 and the founder of Twiiter is speaking a #RECON2014. Amazing.

Every human being now has a voice.

The world is now accountable.

Now off to a “beach party”

Shhhhhh it’s #VEGAS


Of course I am on east coast time so I am up at 4:30 in the morning.

CREW networking breakfast with keynote speaker Jean Chatzky Making Money Making Sense.








Sat next to a wonderful lady from Phoenix  Judi Butterworth Velocity Retail Group uh…she has some opinions.








Now off to the Happiness Lounge for The Burrberryification Of Retail.








Wow mind-blowing branding and digital strategy. I hope to get a link and post the entire presentation.

Here is a link to Michaels presentation. 2014 Recon Burberry

Now off to a Digital Channels presentation.















Quick thoughts:

55% of shopping center website visitors originate from a mobile device.

Lots of (too much) talk about Facebook. I have a question. What if it were turned off tomorrow? (Somebody please make that happen.)

Social media platforms not providing the tools retailers need and it is still in its infancy.

Off to the floor and then to the #Happiness Lounge for a Tweetup. Yes they do those things here.

Tweetup was amazing Coke is doing and unbelievable job at this event. The staff they have is excellent and well informed and just by my observation they have the event overstaffed. What a concept!

Off to the floor to connect and create some discussions.

Now off to “Network” on the strip :):)

I think these are canoes?









Ouch. What time is it here. Wait what day is it here?

Off to the floor again.

Ok so I was in a session at the #Happiness Lounge and I sat next to this nice lady. She said that she was from LA and the Belgium Consulate or something I think. She would not show me any ID or business card. She did have an accent. So took her pic. Now I have heard some BS in my time but hey. Maybe she is some kind of spy for Putin or Napoleon? Hey could be. Don’t just assume.








Transwestern showing a mobile interactive app at their booth. NICE!








Booth Porn. The cost time thought and effort amazes me.








Two of my most favorite people. John Orr and Elyse Chubb from Colliers Charleston.








I use to be so pretty. What happened?












Whew what a conference.

Here is a little summary of my thoughts from ICSC RECon14

See you next year!



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