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The Internet has shaken things up over the past few years. I dare say the ubiquity of the web has changed nearly every aspect of life as we know it. Two of the web’s most dramatic and arguably positive effects on humanity- the rise of the mobile workplace (aka the end of the 9-5 cubicle lifestyle) and the increasingly popular idea of a renter’s economy (Zipcar, Netflix, etc.) have given space to one of the sweetest apps I’ve seen in quite some time. Liquidspace.

The beautifully designed app lets you browse nearby spaces, read reviews, prices and reserve. Then use the app to arrange meetings, send invites or just show up, checkin and work. Workspaces can vary from pay by the hour conference rooms, empty desks in corporate offices, a swanky boardroom around the corner, a hip coworking space. The time and price structure will be pre-determined by the venue and all payments will be easy to handle within the app.

Video of how it works:

Duke Long

  • David Dunn

    Thanks Duke I signed by executive suites up at my building that I own for liquid space and I hope to start making money off of it I appreciate it

  • I’ve been working on a blog post about these guys and the Co Working space industry. This is a great product and something I’m sure I’ll be telling people about on a regular basis

    • Mike,
      Go for it and your blog and content is one of the best in CRE !!

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