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Let’s Have A Contest: Who Has The Best Commercial Real Estate Individual Broker Site In The World?


Let’s Have Some Serious Fun.

Everyone has their opinions and points of view about what it takes to make a good or great individual broker site.

I know I do!

So let’s find out who has the best individual broker site in the entire world.

How this will work.

Submit site urls for consideration to me via email:

I will pick the top three and then post them up for everyone to comment opine bash trash and wax poetic.

This should be fun informative technical not technical and just a great way to see where we are with individual broker sites for commercial real estate in 2014.

You are a broker and work at “Company A”. Great wonderful.

I don’t want the “Company” site. I want yours. The one with your name on it.

Yes, I understand that you are tied to the “Corp” but I want the site that shows off who you are what you do and how you are showing it online.

Now if you are the company? Fine. I get that.

Show me and the entire #CRE world your stuff.


It’s my contest.

It’s my rules. What are they? I just said “It’s my rules.” That should be good enough.

I am in NO way using this for any type of monetary/email/url/what the hell ever kind of BS self promoting BS you could think up.

My contest. My rules. My show. Period.

I simply want to showcase what’s out there and show the world what kick ass sites people have and just maybe help push #CRE forward.

So, once I get the submissions I will post them up in my next article.

I will try and showcase them as visually as possible.

I will also comment on each one and tell you why they are making the cut.

After the comments and dialogue I will pick a winner and showcase that site all by it’s pretty self. I might even interview the BIG WINNER. Who knows?

Come on.

Forward this post.

Send an email to a friend.

How about a contest gift for the winner?

I can make that happen. BUT, let’s wait to see who wins and let me make it extra special just for them.

Let’s Have A Contest: Who Has The Best Commercial Real Estate Individual Broker Site In The World?


photo credit: <a href=””>loop_oh</a> via <a href=””>photopin</a> <a href=””>cc</a>

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  • Chase Pursley

    I’ve got the popcorn out. Can we have an CRE Appraiser subcategory as well : )

  • abuchanan

    I’m kinda partial to

  • Jeff W
    • dukelong

      Who is Coy Davidson?

  • Dave Lewand

    creGROW is partial to – a 2013 website made for Bill Milliken, Past President of the Michigan Association of REALTORS┬«

  • Dave