LEASABILITY.com Commercial Real Estate Leasing Application.

LEASABILITY.com Commercial real estate leasing application.

The commercial real estate tech scene and the innovative companies that drive it continues to grow.

It is a simple process. See a problem and provide a solution. Get a group of like minded people together.

Create a vision. Find a developer. Build a framework. Get a little money. Start to scorch the earth.

Another example: Leasability.com

Leasability deal management software helps commercial property owners and brokers do more deals in less time by taking the friction out of the leasing process.

Eliminating the need for cumbersome paperwork and centralizing deal communication, Leasability allows brokers and owners to collaborate on deals in real time from anywhere.

Grown out of the experience and frustration of our seasoned commercial real estate founders, Leasability helps its customers take control of their leasing data and use it to make smarter leasing decisions in less time.

My drill down:

The founders are from the busting tech scene in Boston. I have been there and witnessed it myself. I know that NY and The Valley get all the pub but don’t discount the Boston talent.

The application on the surface seems to be straight forward deal flow management.

Is this a basis for a permission based CRM system between Brokers and Owners?

I have seen several. What’s going to make this any different?

Is it just a pure data play with thoughts of all the other verticles? If so…..I like the way they are thinking.

The user experience and interface can and probably will be “prettied” up and get more colorful and ” flowey.”

The start up tech mantra:

1.Get users. Well there is no simple way to do this other than get out and bust your ass. There is no magic wand (which everyone seems to think I have) to wave. Hit the streets and and pound the pavement. Face to Face. Belly to Belly.

2.Create and ship product. What’s your next user product and or products and when do they ship? Don’t be shy!

3.Recruit. I found out who you are(Hi Matt!) and so can everyone else. Who are the team members? How will you attract talent and more importantly MONEY!

So Leasability is off to a nice start. They think they want to help “change the world” of commercial real estate.

I have a wait and see attitude.

I want to see a lot more progress and I don’t mean in a year or two…..the world and yes I mean the commercial real estate world is not standing still any more.



Duke Long