Killer Commercial Real Estate App.

Killer Commercial Real Estate App.

It’s not uncommon for me to get a few phone calls from vendors seeking a little peek into the commercial real estate space. This week I received a call from Matt at He offered to give me a demo and wanted to discuss his products and what they are doing for commercial real estate. Well….. WOW! What an incredible interface and app they have.

Roambi features two main products:

Roambi Flow.

Roambi Analytics.

Roambi App Tour Videos.


Contact and Support.

I will let the apps do all the talking. I do encourage you to contact the company and get a demo. By the way I am not sure why this is necessary but…. I do not get one little penny for posting this stuff up!




Duke Long

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  • I’ve used Roambi for about a year — it is a fantastic presentation tool for helping to identify trends and explain data. It’s great for both market trends and analyzing business intelligence like your P&L or sales performance.