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Just For You. Free Instantly Amazing New Secret Commercial Real Estate Tips. Because You Deserve it!


Just had to click on this one didn’t you?

You are scrolling down the page right now are you not?

Where are they? Just give me the list.

Give me the links and give it to me in a quick easy and free format otherwise….

You don’t want to waste the time. Two minutes or less. Read scan bookmark and gone…..over to the Golf Channel.

You want to click away now right? Go ahead and thanks for the 10 seconds of your life. I appreciate it.

You don’t have time for this ridiculous bullshit ….do you?

All it took was a pretty picture of a fluffy kitten and a headline with five compelling key words and you were hooked.

Yes, you are that easy.

While I have your attention and you may have already figured out the list of free amazing secrets tips (go ahead and click away now) are not going to happen.

I do however have a point I want to make. Gee maybe I could make a list?

Commercial real estate content.

We all have a pretty good idea of what we all think that is.

Stats shares bubbles speculative construction REIT’s  workplace environments pop ups infographics black friday benchmarking CREW office suites share economy……and on. Pull up twitter and scroll back an hour. I just did.

It’s there all day and everyday. The same stuff.

It’s all we want. It’s all we will allow. Professionally.

What we don’t want is anything and I mean anything negative. Can’t happen. Can’t be allowed.

Oh wait a story about some corrective numbers that were negative but now tell the real story of commercial real estate. Oh wait that’s allowed.

Oh wait a story about how negative world trends are affecting the market that we robustly have identified and are correcting. Oh wait that’s allowed.

Oh wait a story about how the unforseen political global economic financial performing or non performing factors changed the unwritten rules of the rules we use to follow but have now again identified and are now even better positioned to perform on…Oh wait that’s allowed.

It’s obvious what we don’t want.

Do I need to even list them? Your right. I should not.

Somebody other that us might see it….and get a negative and unprofessional view of commercial real estate.

Kind of makes your ass pucker just thinking about it.

We all know what those things are what they mean and what they could do so we damn sure are not going to let anybody get away with putting that kind of trash out there.

We need to ban that kind of unprofessional rhetoric.

We need to officially scorn ridicule and cast out anyone who does not adhere to our “code of professional “conduct.

It’s for the better good of all.

It’s for the better good of commercial real estate.

Let me do my part.

Let’s be positive…..only positive about commercial real estate.

Let me be the one to do the positive thing.

Lean back and close your eyes imagine……..the warm sun the blue sky and……. fluffy kittens.


All this positivity brought to you courtesy of me ….Duke Long………yea warm and fuzzy kittens and Duke Long that’s the image….keep that in your mind.

Just For You. Free Instantly Amazing New Secret Commercial Real Estate Tips. Because You Deserve it!


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  • I wonder if Google Hummingbird will recognize what this post really is.

  • Andrew Bermudez

    Hahahah I love the cat video. When I saw the cat picture on the post, I just had to click it. Glad I did! 🙂

  • I’d like to do a Wordle of your blog posts, Duke. That would be a fun one!