• Lowell Peabody

    Good PR video from JLL. There are some other great intro videos presented by JLL’s Greg Clark that get right to the point of why this is important information to follow, especially for corporations that fly at this altitude. Within the real estate community it appears JLL is a leader in this effort, though plenty of management consulting groups like McKinsey & Company are also digging into this through their McKinsey Global Institute. Should we who are not a part of JLL or other worldwide brokerages feel tapping this information would be a useful addition to our real estate practice, the good news is that JLL and such are not the first or only group (s) with the goods. It is a fascinating and educational topic. Particularly to see now what cities have risen to the top line of competitiveness for population, skilled workers, investments, quality of life and so on. Making them more or less attractive for even corporate real estate investment. I also wonder who is the cutting edge for this type of information? The JLL’s of the world or the McKinsey’s? Either way it’s available to all and at the very least is a great read for many of us. Google it.

  • It’s all about video these days!
    Thanks for the post Duke!

    What do you guys think of these?
    TrendHunter – http://youtu.be/aJVeMJuFTvc
    Mozilla Toronto – http://youtu.be/odaewO4gvnY
    Colliers – using my idea – Denton’s – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dYiiYktoIWw