It’s Tough As Hell Out There. Can You Compete?

I just wrote an article stating that the slow adoption or denial that certain if not all aspects of technology is now and will soon affect commercial real estate is bordering on insanity. Also, to use the term technology as some form of a verb in a way that suggests a superiority, talent, skill or professionalism beyond reproach is fucking absurd.

There are a few with their heads still stuck up their asses and I exposed (phrasing?) them on (Sup, Travis, and Franco) titled Real Estate Technology Threatens Industry’s “Core Values”

I shall not summarize the article, click on it and read for yourself.

But there is something that is missing in the technology conversation that I want to bring up and I need to give my boy Vishu the CEO of Buildout for this one. Some way somehow in a conversation he and I had the phrase ” brokers are using technology to compete against other brokers” stood out.

Now, my boy Vishu is, of course, a smart dude and it struck me for some reason. Let’s let this set in for a second.

” Brokers are using technology to compete against other brokers.”

Seems like an obvious thing to say if you stand back and look at the commercial real estate industry.

BTW Vishu is about as inside the #CRE and #Tech industries as you can get. #WhiteSox

I digress as usual.

As I am told the entire world looks to commercial real estate to be one of the last if ever industries that would be radically changed by technology and for at least a thousand reasons. It’s a given that the industry itself does.

I don’t think so but I live in a big bubble of tech, commercial real estate, and Angels Envy, so I’m not a good barometer.

So, if it’s also a given that most all other industries are using technology to compete in various ways to #WIN at their given professions.

And according to Vishu:

” Brokers are using technology to compete against other brokers.”

Hmmm, now that is tasty.

Maybe it’s been some super secret behind the big door thing that’s been going on without “us” knowing anything about it?

Of course, I’m being a bit of a dick and mocking some, wait, maybe more than just a few assholes.

The ones that think if you pay out your ass for old shitty data that when properly “researched”  a 2-year-old could digest and “create” a marketplace with, then yes those assholes are the ones I am indeed mocking.

Is it just that simple?

If you were to use some form of technology today as a broker to compete in any market at any level what are you using?

  1. Cell phone.
  2. Excel
  3. Local property database.
  4. ACT CRM
  5. Zip Forms
  6. Google
  7. Google maps
  8. LinkedIn
  9. Yardi
  10. Local Business news feed/Corp news feed.

Wow, there it is, technology and commercial real estate at it finest.

You’re good with that, it’s working, keeping the core values in tact.

Saving the commercial real estate world for generations as it has before and with much more to come.

What should you be using?

Here let me list them for you so I can save you all the time in the world just in case you want to take a peek.

Be careful, you might find one interesting and want to use it.

Resist, don’t be the one to erode and tear apart commercial real estate.

Here you go.




Wait a minute.

Hmmmmm what happened?

There isn’t any. I couldn’t find one. I tried.

Nothing worth your time effort or money anyway.

You know your market.

You have a client base.

You are doing the deals.

You don’t need technology for shit.

I agree.

Or am I just being an asshole by doing what? Showing you nothing?

How about mocking the very people who are doing everything to create Trillions for the commercial real estate world?


What is it that you know that I don’t? Quite a lot I would imagine.

Are you not giving out your technology stack and the secrets they hold for you?


That’s ok I am cool with that.

I’m holding mine back too.

Well, not really but I understand why you are.

Some would call it Coopertition.

The need to compete and also cooperate.

I don’t think it has to be a need.

Most of the brokers I know are_______ when it comes to that.

Some love the chase.

The deals.

The smell of blood.

Wait, is that too raw and not professional enough for you?

Do you want a white paper with fourteen pages of detailed educated and researched data that spells it all out for you with an attached Excel spreadsheet?

Fuck that!


So it’s a given that ” brokers are using technology to compete against other brokers.”

Yeah, you got that.

It’s Tough As Hell Out There.

Can You Compete?

You know the answer.


+1 Sometimes:













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