It’s 2018, You’re The Ceo Of A #CRE Startup, What Are You Missing? Let Me Help!


Maybe you don’t think you are missing a thing and if so well then aren’t you special! As I am out and about on the planet, I have access to all types of companies and with that, I see those companies at different stages of their…this might be just a refresher for some or it might be a little peek into what some of the best and brightest are doing TODAY!

Let’s get right to it!

1. Sell The Vision: And you do that how?

Think at least five years out. Tell your customers or potential customers how your company can get them there. It’s selling 101. My team and the product we have will help company A get to their five-year goals. We can and will do it today tomorrow the next quarter and five years down the road. If you can’t convince them of that basic fact then why in the hell are you even trying?

Other than a warm and or one degree away intro how are you letting them know your company is THE ONE? How about content, it’s underrated and the easiest and most effective way to let that customer and everyone else find out about your company. What are a few simple ways to do it?

Speak: There are countless events in any industry, and #CRE is no exception. Call, ask, email, and partner with associations, event planners and companies to get your behind on that stage. BUT do not pitch. It pisses me off for one and that should be enough but it pisses everyone else off also. They call it thought leadership for a reason. Help create the outline for a panel. Showcase the other people on that same panel. It’s not a way to show how fucking smart you think you are it’s about showing your customer you understand the market and where they live every day. Think about just that. They will eventually come to you. Yes, that does happen…unless you pitch.

Write: For some people this is hard. It is for me even after all these years but you need to have your opinions out there in some type of readable format for your customers to consume and at a time they decide not just some shitty sales pitch word baiting paragraph sent as a cold email. There are spam and trash buttons for a reason. Even if it’s twice a month do it. Take the time show you care and maybe just maybe someone might care along with you. The possibilities are endless. I have posted something twice a week without missing one time for a decade. A DECADE! It might be why you are reading this right now.

Tweet: “Oh no,” you say. “Not me no way what a waste of time.” Fair enough. You are techy so you are on some kind of chat, snap, insta, hacker, slacker, telegram thing. Ok, I get it but how many #CRE people are on there? Is it like junior high and an echo chamber combined and you are in denial of both? Uh Yes, you are. You can waste all the time you want but most if not all of #CRE is on Twitter and LinkedIn. Go there. Interact and engage…or don’t! At your companies peril.

Facetime: The most valuable time. And not Facebook Facetime. Real human to human face time. Credit is due to a few companies who actually get this but in general NOTHING GOOD OR EXCITING HAPPENS IN THE OFFICE. You can eat quinoa and high five all you want but your customers are NOT THERE. Get in front of their FACE!

The Longtail: The real world cycle that is #CRE and #Tech, how many times have I said it. Top down Bottom up. A pilot is almost as good as a win. A trial or ability to prove your product and service is what? NORMAL in every business. If you want quick sales and turns open a Starbucks (sitting in one writing this and it’s standing room only) otherwise think LONGTAIL. Look the definition up yourself.

2. Keep money in the bank.

Who’s money? And what path are you going to take?

Build slowly with revenue generation: Nothing wrong with that. Kind of novel in this day and age if you think about it. I like it. That’s pure longtail thinking! Do you have the patience and grind to make it happen? Cheering for you if you do!

Take the VC route: Go big, deal with VC metrics and try and grab market share. VC money is rocket fuel. It’s a choice you make and have to live with until…the money runs out!

Find a deep pocket partner: And ride them to…profitibility? Can you deal with the legacy company and how they do business against how you do business now? You can get automatic customers and revenue but at what cost? Survival… maybe, and that’s not a cost at all.

3. Recruit: The Unicorn? 

I get asked and that’s what you need to do ask. Ask everyone all the time. But what I get asked to find the most is the sales guy who understands tech with X experience in real estate and has a huge network and database of existing customers. I call that a fucking unicorn. How fucking many of those exist? You know what that kind of person is called in the real world? A CEO that’s what. Find the son or daughter of…your customer. Find the broker tired of the shitty old school grind and culture of #CRE. Find the Professional. The Sales Professional, The Team Building Sales Professional. The Product Development Professional. The Team Building Product Professional. Yea, I know it’s hard. If it were easy… Insiders Tip: Raid the law firms. Turn them into rainmakers. Keep them away from the law and watch what happens. Structure and discipline around sales= $$$$

4. Open Your Mind: To The fact that YOU…

Are NOT going to be THE ONLY Platform that will exist. How many companies do I talk to that think THEY ARE THE ONE and everyone should jump on their ship. Just about everyone! Well, good luck with that. It’s not going to happen. So what should your strategy be? Partners, people, and more partners! How many friends can you have? Never enough that’s how many. How many verticles and distribution channels are there? Endless according to you right, the world is at your doorstep if they would just realize……or what if not? What if you increased your total sales by 10% this week? What’s that number? Maybe your new friends could help. Don’t have any…that’s your fault.

Look at the four basic things above. Can each element be dissected and improved upon? Of course and that’s the entire point.

It is after all about the execution of those elements that matter the most.

It’s 2018, You’re The Ceo Of A #CRE Startup, What Are You Missing?

Maybe nothing and yet again I’m just trying to help.


+1 It’s your show…I trust you!









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