It’s 2018. I Want To Buy A $100 Million Asset. This Is What I Need NOW!

So let’s set the stage. I’m sitting where? In a WeWork, in a marble-lined conference room, on the deck of a condo looking at the beach or just sitting in a chair watching some golf. I could be looking at my phone but my preferred device is still a laptop.

I hit a couple of keys and click on a preset login.

What comes up. My personal trading/analytics/portfolio management dashboard.

And what do I see? TOOLS! My TOOLS!

The first tool I have is one that allows me to do what? Create, create ideas, create possibilities. Why a tool for creation? I think we in commercial real estate have called it discovery in some form or another but I like the idea of creation. Creating deals and possibilities. How would that tool work?

Obviously, that would have to include data but that data will help me how? It will create custom charts that allow me to do technical analysis. This tool should also provide the ability to customize charts. Charts that could define data sets that I am allowed to pick and choose from.

These charts would be able to move into multiple screens because each chart may or may not be relevant at certain times and or be relevant for specific deals.

What I also want to see are indicators. Market indicators or possibly indexes. Indicators and indexes that define a marketplace a real-time marketplace. I want to be able to change and see those indicators when I want and I want them updated and FAST.

Think about the possibilities. How much historical data can be used? How robust could that database be? Think of the possibilities and how many indicators and indexes could be applied to that database.

Another interesting tool at my fingertips is the one that would allow me to code. Yes, code on my own. Why? Why not? What if that tool allowed me to change the way the program works and change it in a way that I want to use it not just the way everyone else is using it. Think about it, you are now the only one with that unique set up. I said think hard about that one. It’s getting a bit more interesting is it not?

Another tool I want is something that allows me to track specific patterns and indicators. I want to set and see patterns. Patterns that will give me actionable data. I also want to be able to load in my own ideas of what that is. Maybe even enabling a personal AI solution.

I want to be able to create, test and automate different strategies. I want to be able to create dozens of prebuilt strategy components or possibly models. Models that are targeted by geography, property type, and financial structure.

I also want a tool that gives me access to a community, the community that I want to be in. The property trading and financial community. Why? Do I have to answer that? The deeper the community the more ability to learn and become a better user within the marketplace.

How about a tool that allows me to scan all deals and rank them. Rank them how? However, I want to. Why? To benchmark my deals and the marketplace and do it on MY terms.

How about a tool that lets me “stage” my deals. Set them up ahead of time. How would that work? Just use the modeling and data tools to set up predetermined conditions or parameters that move my ability to push a deal forward.

I want a tool that will monitor how my portfolio is performing with the marketplace now. I also want to know how it is performing historically and I want to be able to project future performance. How will I be able to justify the money invested? How will I know what I might be able to do to improve? I need that ability in front of me NOW!

The last and final thing I need is SPEED. Speed of the data updates. Speed of the analytics and financial information.


Give me speed because speed will allow me to do what?


MORE DEALS because of what? Tools that provide me with DATA and the ability to use that DATA!

Think of the money that can be made, think of the value of the marketplace or better yet the entire commercial real estate market.

What value are we leaving on the table or what value could be created beyond what we have even imagined so far?

It’s 2018. I Want To Buy A $100 Million Asset. This Is What I Need NOW!

And what happens when I get it!!!!!!


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