It Shines.It Sparkles.Everybody’s Using It.So Run The Other Way.Now!

Oh look at the pretty shiny sparkly new thing. What is it this week Pinterest?

I get bombarded and I mean bombarded with new and different sites platforms tools interfaces apps and stuff all the time.

So how do I filter all the stuff?

Here is the better question. How do YOU filter it all?

What’s really worth your time? Where should you focus? What do I use daily?

Well let me help you with a complete “Duke Long ” breakdown.

Too Too Much?

Pinterest: is for wedding planners and potential brides to show everyone their bad taste.

Foursquare: is letting some one who you think cares find out where you waste a lot of time.

Quora: is for people who use questions as an art form of bullshit and pitching.

Twitter: A complete waste of time except for conversations, connections,research, timely business news and pics of my daughters swim meets.

Reddit: They say social news I say Twitter.

Posterous: was the first site I used for blogging. The name is Posterous and sooooo…. I don’t use it anymore.

LinkedIn: Is there any other place you have your job history,groups of interest, conversations and business connections? Me either!

Facebook: is for my mom to get on a see what she and her friends grand children are doing. Period. Oh yea I don’t have an account so how would I know. It did help me win a video contest 🙂

Tumblr: Wasn’t it Pinterest before Pinterest was Pinterest?

WordPress: Are you kidding? Some where at some time I said I would kiss the founders on the lips in a manly way!

Google+: is another place to post my blog posts. But I am not staying away because there is too much potential.

Evernote: OMG! Pure Genius!

Tweetdeck: is on all the time as in it’s on every device I use and on all the time.

Google Mobile Navigation: like I really need directions to Giordano’s. Ok, I do get lost in other cities.

Youtube: seriously how many times can I watch myself? Apparently quite a few. Refresh Refresh Refresh!

The Filter.

It’s you!

I use WordPress LinkedIN Youtube Twitter and email to do my online “business” and it seems to be working pretty well.

I am my own filter. I don’t need distraction. I don’t waste time and ……

I Focus!

Quit wasting time with the shiny new things and FOCUS!

Thoughts comments and blatant ass kissing are always appreciated.







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Duke Long