It Shines.It Sparkles.Everybody’s Using It.So Run The Other Way.Now!

Oh look at the pretty shiny sparkly new thing. What is it this week Pinterest?

I get bombarded and I mean bombarded with new and different sites platforms tools interfaces apps and stuff all the time.

So how do I filter all the stuff?

Here is the better question. How do YOU filter it all?

What’s really worth your time? Where should you focus? What do I use daily?

Well let me help you with a complete “Duke Long ” breakdown.

Too Too Much?

Pinterest: is for wedding planners and potential brides to show everyone their bad taste.

Foursquare: is letting some one who you think cares find out where you waste a lot of time.

Quora: is for people who use questions as an art form of bullshit and pitching.

Twitter: A complete waste of time except for conversations, connections,research, timely business news and pics of my daughters swim meets.

Reddit: They say social news I say Twitter.

Posterous: was the first site I used for blogging. The name is Posterous and sooooo…. I don’t use it anymore.

LinkedIn: Is there any other place you have your job history,groups of interest, conversations and business connections? Me either!

Facebook: is for my mom to get on a see what she and her friends grand children are doing. Period. Oh yea I don’t have an account so how would I know. It did help me win a video contest 🙂

Tumblr: Wasn’t it Pinterest before Pinterest was Pinterest?

WordPress: Are you kidding? Some where at some time I said I would kiss the founders on the lips in a manly way!

Google+: is another place to post my blog posts. But I am not staying away because there is too much potential.

Evernote: OMG! Pure Genius!

Tweetdeck: is on all the time as in it’s on every device I use and on all the time.

Google Mobile Navigation: like I really need directions to Giordano’s. Ok, I do get lost in other cities.

Youtube: seriously how many times can I watch myself? Apparently quite a few. Refresh Refresh Refresh!

The Filter.

It’s you!

I use WordPress LinkedIN Youtube Twitter and email to do my online “business” and it seems to be working pretty well.

I am my own filter. I don’t need distraction. I don’t waste time and ……

I Focus!

Quit wasting time with the shiny new things and FOCUS!

Thoughts comments and blatant ass kissing are always appreciated.







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Duke Long


  • We can agree to disagree on things. Let me say that first. As a commercial real estate agent, I think that some of these new sites and platforms may be SHINY, a few of them can achieve some type of marketing purpose. In my case, I work in investment sales.

    I use

    Facebook: For personal connections only.

    Twitter: A tweet a day about my listings, other listings in the news, real estate related news. I also get a lot of instant news through twitter. When searching for news, I find it more up to the second that Google News.

    LinkedIn: During my latest job search, I found that most HR or senior management looked at my profile on LinkedIn around the time of our phone initial interviews. In some cases, they added me as a connection. When dealing with brokers, they added me as a connection nearly every single time.

    WordPress: I have a simple wordpress blog which I use to post information and news about Net Lease Properties, which I specialize in.

    …So there you go. I agree that most of these new sites are garbage and are likely geared towards teenage girls, but the few that I use I find quite useful, easy and have a solid ROI in terms of time.



  • Facebook has been pretty good to me. You can’t beat your friends and family over the head with your profession on Facebook, but the venue helps remind them what you do once in a while, which can and do lead to referrals.