Is This The Ultimate Commercial Real Estate Search Tool?

Is This The Ultimate Commercial Real Estate Search Tool?

Let’s Not Waste Each Others Time.

What is the ultimate commercial real estate search tool?

It’s complicated and it’s not.

It can actually be a simple product.

Better put it should be a simple product.

It’s not a tool for brokers. Yes, NOT FOR BROKERS.

It will be a tool used by our clients/users.

Duke Long  August 2014

” It will be a tool used by our clients/users.”

I won’t go into THE history of how pathetic we are at giving our clients/users the things they want/need.

I know that it’s mostly not your fault. You can only use what was given to you.

Technology or what I like to call the “experience” of commercial real estate has been and for the most part still is embarrassing.

Duke Long August 2014.


The Actual Client/User.

Think about how your client experiences commercial real estate. They pull up Google and type in an address. They look at the map (provided by Google) and then click on whatever blurry pictures they think might be in the actual building. If they are lucky there is some kind of link to a brokerage or rep. If they are adventurous they click on it and are taken to……INTERNET HELL.

I’m not going even think about what they see. It makes me throw up in my mouth.

Again here we are in 2014 and it’s not your fault .

Duke Long August 2014

“It’s not your fault.”

Here’s Why!

No one is building the tools you and your client wants.

They are building what they think you and your client needs.

A Simple Explanation.

Your client really has no idea what they are looking for.

You know that. I know that. They may even know that.

The way they search now is Google driven.

Pull up the 10 most relevant items related to an address.

What do they get?

Hell, that could be anything. Bars restaurants boxing clubs hookah bars coffee shops or anything that has SEO’d Google.

What happens after that is what happens to all of us. Next thing you know they are 4 clicks away reading an article about the great chinese food someone recommended via their foodie blog. Yes, we all do it…Everyday!

Where is the commercial real estate “experience” again?


The way they find commercial real estate now is broken.

What they cannot and do not “experience” is the story of “the place.”

Duke Long August 2014

” What they cannot and do not experience is the story of the place.”

And the reason that happens?

No one has built the tools to provide them the experience they want.

A Simple Solution. Build This!

They need to be able to filter the search results more effectively.

Give them less results to search.

Make it Mobile.

Make it visual.

Make it real-time and interactive.

That means that you have a backend that anticipates and reacts.







And be 1000% transparent with that data.

Create content that surrounds the structure.

Simple Solution!

Is this probable? Yes.

Is this possible? Yes.

Is this like nothing we have ever thought about or seen? Yes.

Is it what our commercial real estate client/user wants? Yes.

Is This The Ultimate Commercial Real Estate Search Tool?



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  • I think it’s more likely a tenant would search for “retail space for lease in Manhattan” then to google every address on the street. Other than that, it sounds like LoopNet is the answer to just about everything you mentioned if you are searching for “commercial space for sale or lease”, that would be like a tenant searching for sports updates but not clicking any of the links to ESPN.