Is This The Commercial Real Estate Future?

I found an interesting little company with an unique twist on the idea of co-working or space sharing. Of course they are out of San Francisco, the tech start-up hotbed.Take a look at what they are offering. Think of the environment that they are creating. Commercial real estate future? RocketSpace!

Building the ultimate shared office space.

RocketSpace is an all new, all inclusive office environment designed for tech companies from 1 to 30 people.With a mix of private offices and shared office space out with brand new furniture in an awesome brick and timber building with space for up to 500 people, more bandwidth and coffee than you can shake a stick at and gathering partnerships for some fantastic resources.We feel we have a good foundation to build on.

How we are different:

Every shared office space is different and having worked in a few we are making a huge effort in the following areas.

  • Size Matters – Moving your office is stressful, time consuming, distracting and expensive. Many shared office environments max out at 4 or 5 people with no pricing structure to accommodate larger companies. So we invented the “fall on our sword pricing model” called Morph. In short, as you grow the cost per desk drops. We look at you as a long term client, not a quick buck.
  • All Inclusive pricing – You won’t see any “$2.50 for coffee, $0.10 per page” mumbo jumbo with us. We charge you one price and it’s all inclusive including the soda and lockers, we might even throw in the odd beer or glass of wine on a Friday 😉 **It will be possible to buy additional items such as additional phone lines or dedicated bandwidth and of course the odd rocket scientist
  • Furniture – You spend all day here, you need the latest and greatest furniture. Try hiring a programmer these days and asking them to work on beat up old furniture? Fortunately we are partnered with Turnstone a division of Steelcase, the largest furniture manufacturer in the US. Not only will they providing us with the latest furniture but we will also be feeding back to them how the best can get better.
  • Rocket Scientists – (From the MIR Project) We know recruitment is a constant challenge to fast growing companies. We also know that sometimes you need a “part person” for just a day or few hours a week. Fortunately you’re not alone – we have a solution..

The Mir Project:

The Mir Project is a dedicated space available to a selected group of companies who have graduated out of specific programs we are interested in.In short the Mir Project is our very own Skunk Works program. We will be working with a number of investors, incubators, universities and innovative companies to develop the most successful office environment possible for early stage companies. It is focused on tech, media and gaming and will act as a test lab before rolling out our successful ideas to the entire center. There are many benefits to companies accepted into the Mir Project, not least that they will be surrounded by some of the brightest companies in Silicon Valley.To be accepted into the Mir Project you need to be a graduate business from an incubator such as (Kicklabs, YCombinator, IO Ventures, AngelPad, DogPatch, 500Startups). Companies can apply to join the MIR Project by emailing dlogan at rocket-space dot com.

Here’s what’s included in the monthly price:

  • Awesome office environment
  • Utilities, Air conditioning, Janitorial
  • Fully furnished using state-of-the-art pieces from our partner Turnstone.
  • High speed internet access
  • Printing, photocopy, fax, shred etc
  • Kitchen amenities (coffee, tea, water, soda etc.)
  • VOIP phone line
  • Meeting rooms
  • Mail handling services etc.
  • Secure locker

In addition to standard services above we coordinate regular cross-pollination activity events such as:

  • Quarterly founders dinner
  • Pitching sessions – speak to the community and pitch your ideas for feedback.
  • Optimization sessions designed to maximize your environment
  • Office hours / Legal, HR, Accounting, etc.

Co-working. Incubating. Asset sharing. People sharing. Growing companies.Pitching.Networking.Tools. WOW…yes, the commercial real estate future! Your Thoughts?

Duke Long