Is The Commercial Real Estate Future Too Obvious?

Is The Commercial Real Estate Future Too Obvious?

It’s not hard to find.

It pops up in your inbox, flashes out at you on so many industry specific websites daily and is just one Google search away.

“The Future of Commercial Real Estate.”

It’s written everywhere (including here) for you to digest and absorb.

AI, BIM, SaaS, Labor Substitution, Big Data, Robotics, Automation, Use of Space, Working Environment Flexibility and on and on.

It would seem to be obvious to you and I that it’s what indeed the future of commercial real estate can and will be.

Compelling arguments, data, and statistics to define the ever-changing world of tomorrow.

Part of you can’t wait for it to happen and part of everyone else is loathing the ultimate reality.

You see what the real world possibilities are.

It’s not changing for change in and of itself.

It’s about driving one of the world’s dominate asset classes forward.

Creating a global data standard.

Creating a positive (net) environmental impact when creating new structures.

Eliminating redundant (near indentured slavery) labor to fulfill unnecessary corporate (egos) profits.

Market Transparency for the benefit of all users of space.

What will it take to capture not only the imagination of the industry itself but the entire world?

Better yet what will it take to create this new future?

Is it a given that some of if not all of this will happen?

I am of the opinion that the unequivocal answer will be NO!

I said NO!

It will be extremely difficult.

That is not a negative statement. It’s a statement of fact from my experience.

Tough daunting and world-changing tasks ahead.

Sit back and think. What will that world be like?

What will it be like for you and your customers/tenants/users?

What will it mean when we get to that “future of commercial real estate moment in time?”

What will you have done to help make that happen?

What will your life be like?

You may think it may not actually look that different from today.

But then again it most probably will and that will be a quantum leap forward for us all.

Your daily work life will be filled with:

  • The creation of real tangible measured value.
  • The ability to make the experience of commercial real estate memorable.
  • Immediate and instant fulfillment.
  • Real-time anywhere anytime real time.
  • Understanding that moment when all of this together is still personalized.

You and I are part of that future. We are part of it now.

It’s important that we focus on that future today. You and I both.

You have your part and I have mine.

We need to do this together or we have no chance.

Beyond all the incredible value you bring to the table each and every day I need to ask you for some help.

I know it’s a big ask because I’m asking not only for the most important asset we all have which is time but I’m also asking for a small piece of your mind.

It might be just a small conversation with a close colleague.

It could be that first impression with a new client.

It may be a conversation in the hallway after a meeting.

Or it could be in front of hundreds of industry peers.

Help me get the message of the future of commercial real estate out to the world just one conversation at a time.

Most of the people you engage with think they have an idea of what the future of commercial real estate is and will be.

You and I both know the future of commercial real estate goes far beyond what most have imagined.

If not for people like us the question must be asked.

Is The Commercial Real Estate Future Too Obvious?



+1  I’m asked frequently “what’s the next big leap for commercial real estate?” My answer. “Let’s talk about how you can help me get there.”

Duke Long

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