Introducing CREObuzz™

The Ultimate Social Media Solution.  Exclusively for Commercial Real Estate.


Proprietary social media intelligence tools and expert human analysis help you:

Protect Your Brand Equity

Protect Your Revenue

Keep Your Executive Focus

Cut Your Costs for :

Lead generation



Customer service


Top 10 reasons why you need CREOBuzz

Protect Your Brand: Within a few clicks a

hard-earned reputation can really be tainted

Gain Unique Competitive Insights: It’s like if you

could see your competitors client surveys

Information is Power: We data mine the whole

CRE online buzz for you

Save Time: Focus on key influencers after we

tell you who they are and what matters to them

Drive More Business: Showcase your expertise

and stay connected between deals
Get Noticed on Google: Boost visitor traffic and

inbound lead generation

Increase Client Loyalty: Clients don’t like to fill

out surveys but they love to vent online

All this without the hassle: No learning curve. No
IT involvement. No long term commitment.

Lower risks and costs equal, new opportunities and a disruptive competitive advantage.


Duke Long

  • Duke,

    The real question is…. Are you going to use it? I like the concept, but who uses it?


  • Duke hi and thanks much for this (which I just saw due to vacations :-).

    Patrick I appreciate your liking our concept. We have also invested over 7,000 man hours to get it to a reality and continue to incorporate recommendations from leading CRE professionals.

    Regarding your question about who bought our new CREObuzz solutions, I can already tell you that two leading publicly held firms in your business are. Happy to answer your questions and compare notes if/when you’d like.

  • Just a quick update for Patrick. Happy to report than now 4 of the top 4 brokerage firms are subscribing to our CREObuzz service at the corporate level.

  • social media made our business really easy