In A Galaxy Far, Far Away………The Dark Star.

In A Galaxy Far, Far Away……….. The Dark Star.

Its construction near completion it sits at the center of the universe.

Its weapons and technology at a scale never seen before in the history of this or any world.

Its willingness to use its weapons and technology against any and all even its own is explicit.

Its power unquestioned and authority unprecedented.

Its leader all mighty all-powerful.

There will be no lack of faith.

There is no underestimating his vision.

His authority poetic.

You will give yourself and your soul.

The battles futile.

Domination and submission.


Victory absolute.

Except there is one.

One that starts.

Refuses to submit.

Fights not only for himself.

Fights for us all.


We all know how the story ends.



photo credit: <a href=””>Hubble Heritage</a> via <a href=””>photopin</a> <a href=””>cc</a>

Duke Long