I’m Looking For The Next Great #CRE CTO? Why Are They So Hard To Find?


It started with a Tweet.

So it’s a simple ask. Where are the great and ever so illusive #CRE #CTO’s?

Every company must(?) have one. Every company needs one. Every growing company is looking for one.

Is #CRE not sexy enough of a space to warrant anyone with the proper skill set to look at our business?

Do they take a look and understand what an uphill battle it will be to do anything of value?

Is it a dead end or possible career killer to have #CRE on a resume?

Here’s an interesting question (aren’t mine all) what if the challenge is not great enough?

Now there is a thought. “Want to change the world go into #CRE.” I’m not sure I have ever heard that.

Trillions and Trillions of $$$ (not tokens) and hard assets and still……not sexy?

Well, that answer is obviously not.

Can you blame anyone? What are their options? Go into a brokerage? How about a “legacy” vendor?

What are the problems a CTO of one of these companies is tasked with solving?

Uh….. not too much if we are all up front and honest!

What problems are a company like Amazon trying to solve? How about Tesla? Maybe even Intel?

Now, look at #CRE in general, what are the world changing problems we are trying to solve?


Yea, that’s what I thought. Hell, we are still bitching about a company selling us a 1980 business model.

Trying to be positive here, how about a company like Autodesk?  Not #CRE? Well yes, they have the DNA but they are more than that. How about the CTO of that company?  Hmmm, not that sounds like an interesting job.

A ray of hope? Is it just pretty 3d and VR stuff that makes being a CTO a great job in #CRE?

How about the CTO of WeWork? (Yea, you knew it was coming.) What problems are they solving for #CRE?

Hell, just about all of them. What’s their valuation again? What’s the total valuation of the Top 5 Global #CRE Brokerages combined?

You do the math.

Oh, and WeWork was founded. in 2010. Cush Wake just celebrated their 100th anniversary. (Sorry Ken, not banging on your people just making a fair point.) 100 vs.10……. But they don’t…….But….. WeWork…does …not…..but, If that’s what helps you sleep……!

“But, but, but, the brokerage thing is different than what WeWork is doing,” you say? Wow, uh no, no it’s not and that again is the point.

What kind of team do you think the CTO of WeWork is driving?

Now that’s a conversation I want to have!!!

Here is the big question.

What kind of CTO is going to be driving the next #CRE world dominating company?

Will it take some special savant skillset not yet imagined?

I’m pretty sure that’s not going to be it.

How about someone out of finance and data? Hmm, now that’s interesting.

How about the stock market and hedge funds? Hmm, another interesting thought.

Here’s an outlier but maybe dead on……Logistics and Transportation….there we go. Now that’s another interesting conversation.

And as always the ever-underrated construction industry. Pull a CTO out of one of those major companies, they will flat out be able to get it done. Why? Just ask them and you will understand.

I’m not here to debate or define the complete skill set of what a CTO of #CRE should or could be.

That may be for another day and conversation altogether.

What I am doing is this.

I’m Looking For The Next Great #CRE CTO?

I’m also trying to figure out…..Why Are They So Hard To Find?


+1 Collecting Rent!!! It’s that simple. I said, “make every human being a tenant.” You weren’t even paying attention.

+1+1 Bigger Ideas people Bigger Ideas!!!!! Oh and quit using tech as a crutch for “innovation.”






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