ICSC RECON 2012 Summary.

ICSC RECon 2012 Summary

Yes it is finally over and I am back in hiding with a little time to reflect.

The enormous and daunting task of meeting and trying to connect with everyone you want cannot be overstated.

The people at ICSC and I mean everyone knows how to put on a show. Anyone and everyone that I came in contact with was willing to help and or get someone who could get a quick answer or solution.

Clearly my observation but they seemed to have every aspect of the event staffed as in the right amount of people tasked to do the jobs necessary. Hint to other conferences. Don’t thin yourself out it shows and shows and shows.

The Technology and Social Media Pavilion.

I spent a majority of my time here and here are my impressions.

First off @MrsSarahMalcom is the Queen Goddess of all Digital Media and Commercial Real Estate. How so you say? Let me count the ways.

The” booth” itself is a prototype for any to follow. Multiple monitors with free wifi and full on tech. There was even a plexiglass wall to write and comment on.

The educational line up was the best I have ever seen.


Using Facbook to build your community.

Mobile Marketing 101.

How 140 characters can grow your business.

Kick starting social media strategy.

Oh Sh*t-crisis communication in a digital world.

Deal making in the cloud.

Share your stories.

B2B case studies for social media skeptics.

I need to give a HUGE shout out to Cohn Marketing. They had 3 people staff the SM Pavilion at all times and the range of questions they answered were amazing. Great people great knowledge and what a great vibe they have.

Let Mrs. Sarah Malcom tell you what Digital Media means to commercial real estate.

A few and random thoughts:

Special shout out to Lana my New York City Girl!

Who can say they got a Hummer and cash from Loopnet? Me that’s who!

I am the father of two daughters and it is oblivious to me that other fathers have no idea what the hell their daughters wear…wait a minute or don’t wear in public. Holy Shit Ladies.

Not to grind too much but how on earth do some of the ladies at RECon12 walk around in those heels. Now I know you say “but they have a cushion.”  Come on Really?

The food it outragously good.

The amount of people who took the time to come by and just say Hi! was tremendous.

On that note I cannot put into words how grateful and humbled I am to have someone come up and say that they read my stuff and it inspires them to do something or that they get a laugh or they just like my attitude.

I am starting to feel a little bit of a  burden or responsibility because of the wonderful feedback that I receive. Maybe I should really try and focus on the good and be really really technical and correct in my style of writing so that the content truly resonates.

Hey you know what ………Fuck that ……..Viva Las Vegas Baby!


Duke Long