ICSC RECon 2011 Vegas Baby!

Las Vegas

Looks like I will be heading out to Las Vegas for the ICSC (International Council Shopping Centers) big yearly blowout May 22-25.  It is billed as the Global Retail Real Estate Convention. Which for the uninitiated is exactly what it is. I am pretty sure my “official” Vegas ban 🙂 has been lifted. I promised to be a good boy and they were very forgiving!

Looking to meet up!

Obliviously the reason most everyone attends these things is to make deals and get connections. I AM IN. Let this be your invitation to seek me out and meet up. I am pretty sure that I will be involved in some kind of meet-up/tweet-up/holographic-star wars thing. Soooo let’s start connecting.

Great Connections.

If you don’t want to waste your precious time blabbing with me,take a look at the video and see why thousands attend every year. See you in May!

Duke Long