ICSC 2013 RECon Las Vegas Live Blog.

ICSC 2013 RECon Las Vegas Live Blog.

Vegas Baby!

Hello and welcome to my RECon 2013 Live Blog.

Hopefully this will give you a little insight into what really goes on at RECon 2013.

Now before we even start let me state that my intention is to be a “lite” version of my usual self.

Yea I know I am thinking the same thing. Let’s see how long that lasts.

Let’s have fun. Let’s be open minded. Let’s try and push the positive. Let’s do some deals. But….

Be prepared for ANYTHING!

Hello Vegas!

Wheels down and heading for the Market Place Mall

Be sure to tweet the #hashtag #RECon13

Great job Elena from ICSC. Quality content for the press.















Marketplace Mall getting busy.

Stop by and see my friends at Motionloft.com

Hey also stop by the #iTechLounge and see my other friends at Cohn Marketing.















Do I have fans? Not really but it’s nice when people are friendly.

Like my friends at APTO.















Wow some very nice people out today. Check out Adam Rowe James Bushy and Sid Goswami at

SS&C Technologies.

Well I just ran into my friend Doug Curry the CEO of Xceligent and he was all class!

Awesome site and product www3dwindowdressing.com Go see Eva de Vette Cle van Beurden Dion Pouw and Kevin Schnittker

Marketplace Mall winding down. Invited to “networking” at the Bellagio then dinner at the Wynn Encore.

Monday: The calm before the storm.

Make sure to check out some great sessions today at the #iTechLounge 1.o and 2.o

Just heard the first apology for missing dinner and not finding the hotel room. #Vegas

This is hilarious from Ideal Services Inc. and Ray Salzer


On the floor a little bit early amazed at the scale of some of the booths.

CBRE and their video wall


A quick Hi to @sweetjean @commsource and NAR

Now attending  Diana Podaski Video presentation .















Cushman Wakefield Deal Making















Me caught in a Vine.

Great conversation with Edward Boyle www.katchencompany.com

WOW great product presentation from Bruce Kirsh and Keith Lefkof of www.GetREFM.com

Just talked with Tristan Pollock from The Store Front. This is way cool. Pop up retail . Check it out.

This is the background for the Vine videos sponsored by North American Properties.

vine background














Shhhhh I am listening in on a possible deal.

Project time pushed from spring to the fall.

Only two store openings this year but that is a good thing.

Talking tenant mix.

The potential tenant won’t move stores.

Traffic is different with this tenant.

Tenant wants earlier move in date.

Still possible two store deal.

Numbers are close. Tenant staying firm

There is a new plan.

Potential tenant shakes hands and leaves.

Brokers talking personalities.

Brokers talking numbers.

Brokers still talking numbers.

Now talking about the company and potential growth of company.

Now whispering :):)

Talking local stuff and history of tenant.

Back to talking numbers.

Now talking space and size numbers.

Now talking TI and Cam.

Broker concerned about tenant backing out.

Talking tenant competition.

Talking competing developments.

Back to talking tenant moves.

Talking about brokers in the market.

Shhhhhhhh. can’t say anything more.

Yes we all know JLL knows how to do it!





























Off to “network” at the Wynn.

Big thanks to www.regencycenters.com for the wonderful conversation and dinner this evening.

Tuesday: Up at at them early. It’s the east coast time zone. I can’t shake it.

Lots of positive buzz last night from many different sources.

So #CRE and #SM is a waste of time? Tell that to Kimcorealty.com


Of course this is #Vegas


Nice to meet up with Michael Bull @bullrealty very interesting media for #CRE going on.

Feet tired back hurts voice going. #Second Wind #RECon13.

Sitting in on Cohn Marketing Mobil sSssion. #iTechLounge.

Duke Long