I Write About #CRE And That Makes Me So Different From You.

I Write About #CRE And That Makes Me So Different From You.

Well of course I am different and anyone that has met me would be hard pressed to argue that.

This started back in early 2009. I friend of mine a residential realtor ( yes I have friends and even some of them are in residential ) from Indianapolis and I started up a conversation about social media online branding etc. By the way we met while volunteering to create a Real Estate BarCamp. Click here for an explanation of how that all came about back in Dec. 2009.  We got the Governor to show up and got some shit from NAR but that is another story in and of itself. He was a former DJ in Indianapolis and obviously very media savvy. He asked what I saw online from commercial real estate. My response “not shit.” He said “you mean there is nobody doing anything at all online?” I said ” nobody at all anywhere that I can find.” “I really don’t pay any attention to the stuff anyway.” Now I really like this guy and am still friends with him to this day so I paid a little more attention. He said ” I am writing for this national real estate website called Agent Genius ( now called AGBeat ) and they have nothing on the site about commercial real estate.” ” You should write something and I will submit it to the site owner and editor.” I said ” no way not a chance in hell.” ”  I don’t write and have no desire to take the time to even try.” He said  ” come on just write the way you talk and don’t hold back you never do anyway.” Well I thought about it a little bit and said ” what the hell why not give it a shot.” So I wrote something about being an alpha male ass kicking #CREBadass and guess what.

BOOM! Amazing! The response was instant and mind-blowing. I started to get comments from people all over the country and all over the world. So I thought hey wait a minute there might be something to this writing and online thing. Right then and there that convinced me to dig in and learn what I could do to use this stuff to help me get more business. The journey to this point has been to say the least “interesting.”

So why does writing about #CRE make me so different from you?

What have I learned and what has writing and posting two articles a week about commercial real estate taught me?

– Personality. Get a personality. Show your personality. Have a personality. Why hide it? Are you afraid someone may find out who you REALLY are? It’s going to come out good or bad. If you are holding back that’s a big mistake. Be your individual self.

– Imagination. It is a wonderful thing. Don’t we encourage our children to use it as much as possible and why not?  Do I make stuff up? Mostly not really sometimes maybe not in general terms kinda. When you get older they call it Vision which makes it sound even better.

-Revelency. I have for better or worse depending on who you ask become….. relevant. Panels speaking presentations invitations meetings lunches dinners drinks coffee and sticky buns radio video tv interviews forums secret tech groups face to face meetings and the always interesting anonymous emails. All because of an internet connection and a keyboard.

Quote from the C-suite of a Top 10 worldwide brokerage firm ” I read your stuff because I am afraid not to.” Sweeeeeet!

– Fearlessness. I have said it a thousand times. “Stand on the soapbox and scream and sure as hell someone will always take a pure and clear shot back at you.” That takes some “balls” and thick skin to do it all the time and have no fear. It feels damn Good!

-Passion. No comment needed.

– Connected. To anybody and everybody in #CRE all over the world. I get Google searches on my site from Sri Lanka Russia Malaysia India Japan Australia etc. every week.  You say “so what.” ” So what?’  How pissed were you that you did not make one of my “Top” #CRE lists? Admit it! Come on really admit it to the world. Don’t make me post the emails.

– Authenticity. It’s called being real. Good bad nasty foul-mouthed charming engaging revolutionary helpful insightful mean embarrassing self-centered revered admired worthless invaluable shared tweeted humble asshole irresistible loved hated shy non photogenic with great sunglasses. I have been called that and more. How about you….in public?

– Credibility. 99% all good. People will say the most wonderful things. I don’t consider myself an expert in anything really but I have the cred because I am willing to put it all out there. Even if some may disagree with my ideas or points of view. They at the very least respect the fact that you are willing to have them and are willing to listen to theirs.

– Voice. The value of a voice. It’s happening all over the world everyday like never before. I am not going to let mine go to waste. No one silences me no one….except me!

– The story. Tell the story. The real story of commercial real estate. Not the canned PR press release. Not the generic white paper. Not the boring ass numbers and charts. The living breathing raw and beautiful story of commercial real estate. I am the one telling that story…to the world. Am I the only one? I sure as hell hope not.

– I get pushed out of my box because I write.

I share images of myself. That was hard for me.

I made videos….bad ones but I made them anyway.

I share some of the details of my personal life.

I use my own special brand of the english language.

I write the way I talk. Like it or not.

I use my personal experiences to help relate.

I have done podcasts taped interviews Google Hangouts Livestreaming  Q&A’s. You name it.


I have pissed off a lot of people off without even trying.

I say what others cannot and will not say.

Writing about #CRE.

It has made me stand out as an individual.

It has created my individual voice.

It has given me opportunities I would have never ever had otherwise.

It has created a personal brand like no other in #CRE.

It has made me $$$$$!

I Write About #CRE And That Makes Me So Different From You.

Comments opinions and points of view are always appreciated.

Duke Long