I Try To Use My Phone for Commercial Real Estate Business, But It’s Worthless.

I Try To Use My Phone for Commercial Real Estate Business, But It’s Worthless.

Walking a Building.

Yes, I do it. I do it all the time. Touring, Pre-viewing call it what you want. And I am never not without my phone.

Guess what I use it for when I walk or tour a building. Nothing!

Ok, maybe I will Google something.

Yes, sure I can use it to calculate or measure something. Oh, yea the flashlight thing works great.

The answer to the question you have on your mind is NONE!

There are not any apps for commercial real estate that I know of that are of any use at all.

” But Duke you are the #CRETech man. You know all the stuff. You get everything given to you for free. You must use something?”

No, I don’t and do you know why? It’s all shit. Some of the best or most useful stuff is still desktop based or better put the mobile version of any product out there is just that a mobile version of the desktop based program.

Think about what you do every day generally.

Searching, Analysing, Creating Contracts, Prospecting, Database Management, Property Management, etc., etc.

You sit in front of a computer. You sit in front of a computer to——-work.

You don’t use your phone.

Is that because you are not ” of the generation that grew up on the internet?”

No, it’s because the #CRETech industry has not given you SHIT to work within a mobile environment.

Let’s take this further. Maybe it’s because you yes you are the smart one. NOT the tech people.

Why is that? It’s because you are already working in the future.

How is that possible?

For all intended purposes, you have always worked in at least a 3-dimensional environment.

You have to think of space.

How it works. How it functions. How it fits. How it moves and breathes——in the actual real world.

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You May Be In Luck.

And do you know why? You haven’t missed a damn thing.

All those companies creating the latest and greatest apps or ” solutions”  just to make your “workflow” better or more efficient are TOAST!

Look at that phone sitting next to you. I know it’s there. It’s the same place mine sits—– All The Time.

It’s OVER! The phone as a useful device is dying.

The market is starting to die. Market saturation is happening now. Do you understand that concept?

What happens after that?

The NEXT! That’s what happens.

You and I use what? 10%-20% of what’s on our phones?

Why, because most of the stuff on there is SHIT! It’s useless for anyone who has an actual job.

It’s sure as hell is useless for anyone who’s function is to actually DO A COMMERCIAL REAL ESTATE DEAL!

That Little Screen.

That little screen that you have your face buried in is worthless as a productive tool.

Think about it for a minute. Look up from the phone and what do you see?

The entire WORLD.

The entire world in 3 dimensions.

Wait! What?

BOOM! Yeah, now you get it!

That’s how you interact with the world.

That’s how the world interacts with commercial real estate.

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No, Don’t Think Like That.

Don’t start thinking that everyone will be walking around with something like this on their head.

That’s not where this is going.

There are elements of that but it more about what things already exist

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Is That Why They called It Smart In The First Place?

Siri. You talk to it, and it talks back. Google Now does the same thing.

The phones themselves already “talk” to other devices like watches and Tv.

Why not just eliminate the phone altogether?

How about Glasses that look like actual glasses?

I have a pair on right now. Pretty basic stuff.

Microsoft has Hololens. Google is coming back with Glass and guess what? They look like glasses.

The World Catches Up.

Is it just possible the tech world is finally catching up to us?

Is the tech world finally at a point that they can actually provide us with useful tools?

Tools that will actually do what the phone never could.

Tools that help us let the world see commercial real estate like we always have.

Maybe Finally.


I Try To Use My Phone for Commercial Real Estate Business, But It’s Worthless.



+1 Hey Microsoft. Do you want product feedback for the Hololens? I will give it to you straight up!











Duke Long


  • Great article Duke! The age of smartphones, mobile accessibility and handheld devices has claimed its territory and clearly it is here to stay. But what’s the deal? The commercial real estate industry can’t seem to keep up? Duke, don’t fret, we share your frustrations! We recognize that there is an opportunity to revolutionize CRE communication and simplify the way property managers interact with companies, employees and retailers. At Mona, we believe that communication makes better places. We are a communication platform, allowing property management to send out rich content and communicate directly to the people in their building. Mona allows working professionals to have the ability to subscribe to channels they are interested in and select how they want to receive that content (SMS, push notifications, email or web) so they are always informed and engaged. It’s immediate, proactively keeping people informed at all times. Feel free to check us out at http://www.monanetworks.com. I would love to have the opportunity to walk your through a demo of our product to illustrate how Mona is revolutionizing communication in commercial real estate.