I Own A Building. You Are A Broker. I Don’t Need You Anymore.

I Own A Building. You Are A Broker. I Don’t Need You Anymore.

Are we really just friends?

So let’s imagine I own a portfolio of Class A buildings in a major U.S. city.

All the big hitter brokerage firms tickle my email and take me to lunch. I get little hand written cards and neat little golf (I am a Pro V1 man) gifts from them. Which is nice because I like to tee it high and let it fly with the best of them.

I am always cordial and friendly. I make an effort to spend an equal amount of time with all the major players. I have always treated each relationship and deal with equal professionalism.

Interesting to me though is that I have noticed something lately. Myself and my team are doing most of the heavy lifting. We actively and aggressively seek tenants. We are looking at any and all avenues to put our properties in front of those potential tenants. We are as up to date on the latest marketing analytic demographic and tech trends as anyone in our industry and we are damn proud of it.

I am finding it harder and harder to understand my broker friends value proposition.

What are they doing that we ourselves are not doing?

We know the product better than they do.

We know the data better than they do.

We know our potential users better than they do.

We can negotiate directly.

How many deals did we do ourselves this year again?

Now don’t get pissed…….

and go on a  “you can’t hate on brokers rant.”

A Challenge.

In the comments section below state your value proposition.

I can absolutely guarantee thousand and thousands of views all for free.

Here is your chance to clearly define what it is that we brokers value add.

Go ahead. Don’t be shy.

Go Ahead. All the world will see.

I own a building. You are a broker. Prove to me that I really do need you.

Duke Long