I Need The Street. Hey Doug I Want To Hit the Road With Your Drive Team.

Hey Doug, I Want To Hit The Road With Your Drive Team.

I Need The Street.

If you read my recent post about JLL and their IntelliCommand Center that may help you reference a little bit where my mind is coming from.

All of this data collection and automation is fascinating. Don’t you see it? I see it!

It has already started.

One of those little Black Swan Moments.

The building data is being aggregated and analysed by the nano second. If you watched any of the videos you may have picked up that JLL does not make any attempt and will tell you straight up that they do not want to own the data.


Here we have one of the industry leaders creating a product and using emerging technology to serve a growing client need.

WOW…what a radical concept.

Which brings me to my new friend’s at Xceligent.

They post up to the world how they launch a new market.

  • Obtain, combine and standardize tax assessor files to create baseline of commercial properties
  • Load data into proprietary drive tool application
  • Drive teams photograph and conduct a physical site inspection of all commercial structures
  • Identify the Broker Company and/or Property Management Company representing each building
  • Contact listing companies and property management firms to build out a comprehensive inventory of all properties available for lease or sale
  • Verify and match tenant records to each property
  • Confirm historical sale transactions completed over the last few years that include the type of structure, true buyer and seller, and any available financial details.

So to make this simple.

On the listing side of commercial real estate we still define “true and accurate data” by the definition and process stated above.

JLL is defining true and accurate data as data collected and analysed and freely given back to the originator without any attempt of ownership.

Yea, ok start the arguments. Whatever!

What I am most interested in is the process. Specifically the Drive Teams. By my definition that is “the street.”

Now this sound like it might have a certain “value” because of the actual physical inspection.

But I have a lot of questions.


I want to go out with Xceligent”s drive teams and see the process as it happens and see it for myself.

Doug my buddy my friend.

Can you make this happen

Open your process the rest of commercial real estate and let them see how you actually execute this process.

Doug you have my email and phone number. I will open up my calendar.

I Need The Street!

Duke Long


  • I see your vision Duke; and what’s more, I love the idea of the data not being proprietary. CRE needs more transparency in listings….and public records….

  • There are firms that already take municipal property records, standardize them (and what a mess they are…) and sell the data. Most records have sale history as well. This is a good model/process for brokerages who want to maintain their own property/listing/comp database. Start with the properties and add the rest. (Way too many agents/brokerages are listing oriented…). Maintenance is tough, but it’s doable.