I Need Social Media Commercial Real Estate HELP!

Don’t we all need a little help. What I am looking for is some feed back and answers to some pretty interesting questions. Yes, they do involve the mysterious (snake oil ?) side of marketing  that is Social Media.  Pick one, pick them all and please help me start a dialog of what is really happening on the street and in your market.

Social Media Strategies:

  • What factors did you consider when creating and implementing your company’s social media strategy?
  • What resources did you reference when researching your social media strategy?
  • How did you find the resources and what criteria did you use?
  • What social media platforms and practices have produced a significant ROI for you or your company? Can you provide an example?
  • Is ROI a huge factor for you and if so how do you measure it?
  • Do you use an in-house team or did you hire a consultant or agency to handle your social media marketing? Why?

The Future of Social Media:

  • How could location-based platforms like Foursquare and Facebook Places impact the commercial real estate industry?
  • What type of mobile strategies do you look to implement if any?
  • How would you define hyper -local and how will it effect commercial real estate?
  • What role does video play in your social media strategy?  How might this evolve over the next year?
  • What advances in social media would be most beneficial to commercial real estate practitioners?

Duke Long

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