I Create A Billion Dollar Commercial MLS Step 3: Community or Fame,Money,Sex,Power.

Worldwide Commercial MLS.Community:Fame,Money,Sex,Power

Community as part of a worldwide commercial MLS? It already exists. Fractured and bent for sure but it is there. Why join paticipate,interact or take precious time from your life? Simple, the same reason you clicked on this post.Fame,Money,Sex,Power.

The Community:

Great Design & Navigation. It will beautifully designed and easy to navigate. It feels the way a modern community website should.

Register in 30 seconds. Enter your e-mail, receive an e-mail and join. You only need to enter your name and country, anything else is optional.

Invite friends. When you register you can invite friends from a range of services. Great use of capitalising upon existing connections.

Internal blog. There is an internal development blog, but most people don’t know it. It recognises the top members, asks opinions on updates and critiques areas of the community.Someone WILL pay attention to the show.

Rating Systems. Everything is rated and ranked by members of the community for each other.

Rankings. Everyone is ranked against each other. All content is given thumbs up.

Geotagging. Tagging is a mysterious to most people. All content is geographically tagged and displayed on a geographic map.

Recognition.Top members are interviewed in the development blog,great content providers get recognition.

Help for stories,content and posting. Rather than let content happen in a bad way, provided some examples of content.

Who’s been here and there? Plot where in the world you have been. You can approach people that have been to the places you intend to go.

Widget. You can use a widget to display your content elsewhere. It’s great promotion.Widgets for embedding content elsewhere.

Editors’ highlights. A community is a busy place. If you’re busy you can read the editor’s well chosen highlights. Good way to amplify the signal amongst the noise.

What Will Make It Strong:

1. Boundaries. Great online communities have boundaries. They split the insiders from the outsiders. The boundary might be something members have done, something members are or something members want to be.

2. Purpose. Great communities have a purpose members strongly believe in. It’s not the strength of the purpose that’s important, it’s how fiercely members believe in the purpose. Commercial real estate passion.

3. Communication. Great communities communicate, a lot. They communicate both one to one and many to many. Great communities have a communication platform.

4. History. Great communities have history. It’s documented and available for everyone to read. The history lists the achievements and contributions by members.

5. Emotions. Great communities oscillate at the same emotional frequency. They’re happy, sad, angry together. They share the same emotions at similar times.

Twitter Is Right:

Don’t Set Restrictive Objectives. We’re not using Twitter as they expected. We send links, filter information for friends, share news/ideas and explain what’s caught our attention at any moment. If the Twitter team had tried to guide their community to set objectives, they would have killed the business.

Spam-Free Philosophy. Twitter didn’t spam anyone to join. Friends of the creators joined, then their friends, and more people. No-one spammed strangers to join.The community will grow on it’s own.

Ignore the Media. Twitter ignored the media. No-one pitched the press to write about it. Instead they grew until they became too important for the media to ignore.Who needs the media.

Don’t Ask For Anything. Twitter didn’t ask users for money, nor many personal details to join. They didn’t make us jump through any hoops or try to make money directly from us. The community asks for nothing.

Fame, Money, Power, Sex:


  • Have a hall-of-fame for people who achieve something.
  • Organise competitions to help people become famous within the community.
  • Let super-members write their own columns/blogs.
  • Frequently refer back to big achievements by members
  • Interview top members.
  • Host a member of the week.
  • Hold annual awards.
  • Have a popularity rating for members.
  • Send interesting stories about top members to industry journalists.


  • Invite related business(engineers,architects,contractors) to participate in the community.
  • Encourage members to develop products just for your community (branded please, no spam).
  • Mention members that have been hired by their community work.
  • Keep a list of community members who have been the most successful in their work.
  • Tell your members about job opportunities your client doesn’t advertise.
  • Report on entrepreneurs in the industry, and ask for their advice.


  • Give super-members moderation duties
  • Ask super-members for their advice on key issues and even about their client’s products and services.
  • Give these members the power to approve comments/pictures/columns by other members.
  • Give members initiatives and projects they can run.
  • Let members run sections and elements of the community, even grow a related community using the same technology.
  • Invite all top members to a board that makes decisions on community matters. They can vote who joins the board.
  • Create a list of members who have these powers – let everyone see.


You know I won’t even touch this one!


It is about THE commercial real estate community. It is OUR community. WE can will and do create the only real information that matters.We connect we comment we create and we do commercial real estate business. We are involved in the community for one reason..to get deals done! Thoughts?


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