I Ask Doug Curry Of Xceligent 5 Simple Questions. How Many Will He Answer?

I Ask Doug Curry Of Xceligent 5 Simple Question. How Many Will he Answer?

A while back I wrote and an Open Letter To The CEO Of Xceligent. You Think You Know But You Really Don’t Know. Doug and I had met in Las Vegas at ICSC ReCon and had a very nice conversation. He was kind enough to take it for what it was and also commented on the post.

Well here it is the end of 2012 and I have a few questions for Doug. He of course has to be a busy boy and I understand that but….

Hey Doug…

1. What is happening with www.commercialsearch.com?

It was suppose to launch this fall. Yes, I got the “it has to be ready and perfect before we launch it to our customers”  corp generic statement already. No need to face the consumer at all when you can set up a basic MLS product and hose the brokers right?

Wait, I have even a better idea that most likely not cost a penny and be 100 times better than what you “working on” now. Just a simple yes is all it will take.

It’s the end of 2012 and how many markets have you really truly launched in and which ones are they?

2. DMGT  is your bank and…..

I looked thru their site and recent news and press. Not a single mention of your company. So is there no transparency? No need to let your potential customers know what the deal will actually help your company do? No accountability to anyone except the internal share holders and the IRS?

3. I see ZERO differentiation between you and your competitors so…..

Please explain that to me. I can’t be the only one that thinks ” what the hell makes this a better solution for me ?”

What is your companies true direction and who are the specific people responsible for the execution of that direction. Names faces goals and accountability. If  I am one of your potential customers looking to “partner”…is that to much to ask?

4.You mentioned complete access to 450,000 listings so……

How many can I see today? Right now! How many? Where is the link? If not then tell me the exact date I can access them all. Otherwise your comment was a ……..?

5. Open API.

Will you do it? If so when? If not then why not? Do you need help understanding why this is a simply brilliant move for your company? Maybe I will write an entire post about why this sets you up to dominated for years to come…or maybe you tell me why it won’t.

Bonus question: Doug does your wife make you wear the goatee or is it a personal choice? My wife loves mine and get’s mad when I shave it off. If that is too personal you don’t have to answer.

No communication is good communication?

Now Doug I know this is a very public forum and you may be reluctant to respond to any one of the questions above. If I were in your position I would probably think long and hard before I put one little word out in public.

Doug as we now roll into 2013 and so many major C -suite players already have and will certainty look to face their industry employees consumers and themselves with the need for openness accountability and public leadership.This is just one simple step in that direction.

Oh and Doug it’s just little ole me Duke Long and who am I after all.

Hey, Doug just maybe think about the thousands and thousands of eyeballs that will be reading this post today and long after you forget it exists.

5 Simple Questions.

Opinions comments points of view are always appreciated.

Duke Long


  • Xceligent’s inaction was exactly what CoStar was counting on when they received the FTC’s approval to acquire Loopnet on the condition that they divest its interest in Xceligent. The fact that DMGT doesn’t even list Xceligent as a portfolio company shows its true level of interest in expanding the business.

  • Hey Duke, as a former employee, allow me to shed some light on these questions that have gone soooo long unanswered.

    1. Commercial Search – yep! Up and running now… Well, sort of. Depends on whom you ask. The information is mostly pulled from the database and the rest from web crawlers, so basically, it’s just as unreliable as any other site you can pull out of thin air. Pick one. Any one. They are all the same. Did I mention in only launched this year? 🙂

    2. DMGI – pretty well non existent from most of our standpoints. UNLESS, Xceligent needs funds for a wild goose chase or half-cocked shotgun decision, then it’s time to vacuum the office, put everyone in professional dress, and show off. We don’t care if you are calling FAX machines just make sure you are on those phones!

    3. Difference between Xceligent and CoStar? In 10 years, CoStar may very well still be here while Xceligent, well, let’s just say that lack of transparency may cost them some staying power… And some business. I do however have full faith that Doug and his fancy facial hair, can return to any number of his former business ventures and continue on forcing small town folk to buy into his famous, “I have a dream…” speeches.

    4. You want access to our listings? Ha! Get out your checkbook. Unless you are willing to go through a sales pitch. No membership, no searching. Unless, of course you want to take your chances with commercialsearch.com. I don’t advise it…

    5. Open API. Duke, surely you jest! Xceligent KNOWS your needs. You will take it as you get it and be thankful for the privilege. Okay, that might be the resentful part of my psyche coming out. I was a bit of a free thinker during my time with Xceligent, therefore completely ostracized until my ultimate departure. Ever seen Pink Floyd’s The Wall???

    Bonus question… Rumor has it Doug is so fashion forward he even dresses his wife! How’s that for innovative.

    It’s been a privilege, Duke! Warmest regards!