Hyperlocal and The Street. You Are Getting Your Ass Kicked!

Hyperlocal and The Street. You Are Getting Your Ass Kicked!


We all think or at least have an idea of what we think hyperlocal is.

By definition “Hyperlocal connotes information oriented around a well-defined community with its primary focus directed toward the concerns of its residents.”

By my definition Data + Location = Commercial Real Estate.

So that means that Hyperlocal + Commercial Real Estate should = Data Location and Information Oriented Focused and Directed Towards the Concerns of its Users/Residents.

We in commercial real estate address this issue how? Come on I’m waiting. Keep thinking. Yes I know!

We do not even try! We are in big trouble!

So what is the hyperlocal for commercial real estate?

In the next few posts I will address this issue in-depth and drill down deep.

A few hints to get your mind working and flowing.

How are the users/consumers finding and discovering commercial real estate?  You think you know the answer already? You may be shocked you may be surprised. You have a better chance at competing for commercial real estate search than you think.

Where and what kind of commercial real estate is available. The fancy name for that is Inventory Control. Wait a minute does that happen in the real world? Free open data helps us all does it not? I’m not talking about hiding the data I’m talking about the data set that is unique to your location. It will help you compete on a level playing field with EVERYONE. Now I have your attention.

How can we bring the commercial real estate experience into real-time? Interaction engagement mobility and geography. Think about how the retail commercial real estate experience has already addressed all of these environments.

What about the transaction? I have a better word to use for the act of exchange or transfer. That word is Delivery and when I think of Delivery I also think of Logistics. Delivery and Logistics is a hyperlocal commercial real estate transaction.

Measurement. You are 100% sure you got this one. You have all kinds of commercial real estate data sources. It’s your life blood. It’s what gets you bank. Nobody can touch you when it comes to analyzing that all important data. Here’s your problem. It’s the WRONG data! Now, I really have your attention.

Hyperlocal and The Street. You Are Getting Your Ass Kicked!

Stay Tuned.




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Duke Long

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  • I look forward to where you are going with this, Duke … as I consider myself to having a hyperlocal focus, but from a MacRo perspective.