How To Market Commercial Real Estate Online. Hint: Watch and Learn.

How To Market Commercial Real Estate Online. Hint: Watch!

Sitting at the desk the other day and an email popped up from Chris Fyvie out of Colliers Toronto. Chris has one of the best( commercial real estate blogs out there. He and I have exchange emails Dm’s and various thoughts and ideas about commercial real estate specifically online commercial real estate. Chris is opinionated, edgy, envelope pushing and generally ass kicking. Ok ,so enough with the “he’s so awesome stuff”. He did bring my attention to something interesting he did with video.

Take a look:

Let’s break this down:

-It’s not about Chris or Colliers or a building for that matter.

-It features a….client…… wow what a concept.

-The production values look astounding.

-The cost according to Chris was “cost effective”.

-It talks about corporate culture.

-It shows the environment of today’s real commercial real estate.

-It has REAL people in it.

-It faces the consumer or client…like we have never before.

-Don’t think so…show me!

-Embarrassed to look at your website and blog NOW?

This is how to market YOU, Your Brand and Commercial Real Estate.


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Duke Long


  • Beautifully done, but how does it apply to all but the Colliers of the world, of which there are now only a handful? Certainly, what’s “cost effective” for Colliers would be a bit out of the range of the 95% “other” brokerage houses out there.

    I would also question its effectiveness. While there is no question the video, in fact just about any video makes a much more compelling statement than a static page, without traffic, it is akin to talking to the wall. I would guess, no, I’m willing to bet, that 99% of the brokers who are at least savvy enough to have a web presence, have nothing more than their own little classifieds and further that their traffic is limited to their direct market connections. Translated: Nobody’s googling them or finding them. Further, those that have graduated beyond the mundane classifieds and included a blog of some sort, almost always mismanage its organization and don’t prioritize or optimize their sites correctly and/or effectively.

    And last, I’ve dealt with Colliers over the years and watched their site(s) grow. They surely attempt to say on the cutting edge, and I applaud them for that. As an internet marketer, I look at these things, but as a developer, when I do have the occasion (and it’s rare) to go to their sites, it is strictly for business, strictly to see something specific, and never to browse around and watch videos.

    So pretty … ok, I’ll give ’em that. Effective … I doubt it very much.

    • Bob,
      1. Chris did this on his own not with Colliers $$$
      2. I have done my own videos at a very minimal cost.
      3. Your assessment of 99% of brokers with static page and classified add type things..dead on.
      4. Mismanage and not optimize? Show me how…willing to learn.
      5. Chris’s target is a client base for office space in Toronto…not you!
      6. Thanks for commenting.

  • It’s great stuff, no doubt, and your stuff too. However, in this economy, this market, this hysteria, it’s ahead of its time.

    You and I have already been approached by some of the major players looking for help in building their social presence. Clearly they understand where this is all going, where we will all be going. Once we get beyond this insanity, and we are no longer consumed with the mob psychology of .. well … mobs like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, where we go simply because it’s new and because misery loves company … we will begin to settle into our preferred communities. So to me, optimizing a site means providing the Web2.0 experience that people have or will become accustomed to and comfortable with, thanks to Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Exchange!