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Hey, Commercial Real Estate are you LISTENING? Radian 6

Social media monitoring.  What?  Yes!  Are you even attempting to listen to what people are saying about your commercial real estate brand?  Watch the video and tell me one good reason why you think this would be a waste of time ,effort or money.  You want ROI….create your own!

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  • Thanks for this! Appreciate sharing our platform and would love to hear commercial real estate thoughts on it! 🙂

    All the best,
    Genevieve Coates
    Community Analyst – Radian6

  • 1 – For large CRE enterprises only
    2. — A new career as an internal monitor and “push” instigator (such as, what do you do with the information now that you have it?) awaits someone.
    3 — Missing linkage to LinkedIn for B2B focus. Also missing linkage to other CRE sites and blogs
    4– It will probably die of its own weight. Companies will adopt as the latest “new best thing” and, after an initial period of romance, it will fade out from disuse.