Google Fiber. Guest Post From RailYard.

Google Fiber. Guest Post From RailYard.

Google is the new Gravitational Constant.
Google Fiber, with its mere announcements of entering a few select markets, is already impacting the Telecom industry.

As a co-founder of a startup in the telecom space, I have spent some quality time considering the entrenched market forces of the telecom and cable companies within their stable ecosystem. Sure, there are incrementally better services launched, frequent mergers and massive customer swaps, yet I envision these telecom monoliths as large celestial bodies within a centuries-old solar system, governed by unchanging laws of physics. Until something changes. Something big. Like when a new Gravitational Constant comes along.  

Remember the Gravitational Constant from science class?  G, as it is commonly referenced, is an empirical value that impacts the forces between bodies. It’s been used in numerous equations from Newton to Einstein and I’m pulling it out today to signify the new Gravitational Constant in the telecom universe named G, as in Google. And instead of casually deflecting its arrival as a rogue asteroid of meteor, these huge telcos and cable cos are experiencing a shockwave as it propagates the connected universe…

G is the Google Fiber phenomenon, and the mere announcement of its coming to the residential markets of 3 US cities has already altered the market forces of the entire telecom industry.  So, while the blogosphere muses — on Google’s intentions, when it will happen and how we should feel about it — the rest of us can recognize and enjoy the benefits already upon us.  Business customers will see it first, in the large commercial building districts, with smaller businesses and consumers following close behind.


Current fiber carriers have seen the light

Google Fiber may be on the way, but guess what?  There are already multiple fiber carriers that are ready, willing and able to install fiber into commercial buildings today. And for free. Add in a little competitive motivation to get there first and you have the right conditions for a more efficient marketplace with multiple telecom providers., That’s good news and straight upside for commercial building tenants and owners, and eventually for all consumers of connectivity.


While Google builds, innovation continues

Although the announcements make big splashes, Google is discovering that building out the infrastructure is a long haul.  Oh they’ll get it done, but it will take time. All the while, additional advancements in delivery and routing of high-speed connectivity will bring more speed to existing networks at lower cost. When Google Fiber does arrive, they’ll be welcomed into a more mature and competitive sandbox.

Connectivity is now assumed, and ‘advanced’ connectivity is the differentiator

Another effect of the Google Fiber announcement is to further ratchet up the expectations for connectivity.  While consumers want the ability to connect any device anywhere and move around any amount of data, business customers expect high-speed advanced connectivity in their commercial space.  And from multiple providers, so they can optimize speed, reliability, flexibility and cost, while supporting their ever-increasing appetite for connectivity.  So it’s no surprise that commercial building owners and apartment managers alike are now showcasing advanced connectivity capabilities as a key differentiator when prospective tenants are evaluating space.


These are just a few of the many ways the Google Fiber phenomenon is driving innovation into the established telecom market. Not just in the select few cities it’s targeting, but everywhere that Internet connectivity is wanted.  Which really is everywhere.


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Duke Long


  • Good article. Although Google is the currently prettiest girl at the dance there are indeed many other viable options available today for HA broadband delivery via fiber to SMB’s.

  • With a service designed to scale up beyond CL and eBay, we decided Google fiber is good for us here in Austin and plan to subscribe when we buy our own machines. We have to be flexible and scalable. Google fiber will make that a lot easier.