Google + 13 Links and Video to get you started!

Google + is the shiny new play toy/social network. Is it worth the time? Will it change the world? Will it replace Facebook,Twitter and LinkedIN for commercial real estate? Note:I deleted my Facebook account months ago. Why? My daughters called it”creeping” and it was a complete waste of time. So what is this new thing and what is it all about? Well, I think the best thing is for you to get on there and find out for yourself. If you need an invite send me your gmail and I will invite you.You can also connect with me on Google + at Later, I will probably post something up about how this online social network will effect commercial real estate. Hint: Google + is…Cloud/Data/Location/Multi-Platform Sharing for Commercial Real Estate. Have fun and see you on Google+

1. Google + Video:

2. Google + How to set up your Google + page Video:

3.Goggle + How to edit your Google + profile and privacy settings:

4.Google + An insiders guide:

5.Google + Add your Facebook stream to Google +:

6.Google + Google + for Mobile:

7.Google + Google + Cheat sheets-Tips,Tricks and Shortcuts:

8.Google + Terms and Translations:

9.Google + Public Corkboard:

10.Google + Edit your Google Photos:

11.Google + Chrome Extensions:

12.Google + Free Icons:

13.Google + 3 Creative ways to use Google + Circles:

And a little fun from Alltop Holy Kaw!

Nice little primer to start. Let me know what you think!


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Duke Long


  • There is the very distinct possibility that Google may be the facebook giant killer … well, at least when it comes to business. It isn’t clear yet. Google managed to sign on some 10 million people in the first month or so, which is ahead of the facebook or twitter curve. But of course, neither google or twitter had quite the built in following of google. The +1 symbol/button, which is akin to the facebook like button is likely to be one of the biggest draws. Consider that when you click on the like button, the feed goes only to and shows only on facebook. Big as facebook may be, the like actually gets limited to the pages you liked, so that diminishes it’s exposure and usefulness. Now comes the google +1 and when you hit it, it shows up … well, I’m not quite sure how they intend to manipulate that. Right now, it is the same as facebook’s like. Between you, the page you +1, and whomever you are connected to. But twitter has the power to spread that around any way they want so that ultimately the +1 itself could become a rating system. In my mind it would be as unwieldy as it would be incredible. But then, I don’t think on the same level as the google guys so who knows what they have up their sleeves