Google + 13 Links and Video to get you started!

Google + is the shiny new play toy/social network. Is it worth the time? Will it change the world? Will it replace Facebook,Twitter and LinkedIN for commercial real estate? Note:I deleted my Facebook account months ago. Why? My daughters called it”creeping” and it was a complete waste of time. So what is this new thing and what is it all about? Well, I think the best thing is for you to get on there and find out for yourself. If you need an invite send me your gmail and I will invite you.You can also connect with me on Google + at Later, I will probably post something up about how this online social network will effect commercial real estate. Hint: Google + is…Cloud/Data/Location/Multi-Platform Sharing for Commercial Real Estate. Have fun and see you on Google+

1. Google + Video:

2. Google + How to set up your Google + page Video:

3.Goggle + How to edit your Google + profile and privacy settings:

4.Google + An insiders guide:

5.Google + Add your Facebook stream to Google +:

6.Google + Google + for Mobile:

7.Google + Google + Cheat sheets-Tips,Tricks and Shortcuts:

8.Google + Terms and Translations:

9.Google + Public Corkboard:

10.Google + Edit your Google Photos:

11.Google + Chrome Extensions:

12.Google + Free Icons:

13.Google + 3 Creative ways to use Google + Circles:

And a little fun from Alltop Holy Kaw!

Nice little primer to start. Let me know what you think!


Photo Credit: Via Flickr

Duke Long